Merrick Garland, A.G., and the Slippery Defendant

I think many precincts don’t have the staff to manually count our votes in anything resembling a reasonable time.


We usually are 8 people who have to count some 600 votes, give or take.
2, maybe 2.5 hours between closing time and dropping off everything1) at city hall.

1) All the ballots that went into the box, counted, sorted,
stuffed into sealed envelopes, results tabulated & checked, forms filled in & countersigned by all the polling officers.

(Preliminary results are reported ahead by phone right after counting, before the paperwork and checks are finished. But usually that’s already the final result. Unless you mess up the paperwork and get all confused.
The paperwork is double-checked at city hall to see if it all adds up, with whoever was in charge at the polling station present.
Everything1) plus the paperwork created at city hall goes into storage until 3 months before the next election. Disputed results can be checked by recounting the original ballots.)


Yep. My county has 12 people to tally 250,000 votes. Without scanning, they would still be counting the 2020 election…


We’re all volunteers.


Sadly in the US I no longer trust a volunteer run vote counting system - there are too many MAGAts trying to undermine the system that would jump at the chance


Fucking hell. Na h-Eileanan an Iar, the smallest seat in the UK parliament with about 20,000 voters, has more people counting the votes than that.


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