Metachaos: stunning, grotesque short about "the most tragic aspects of the human nature"

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There was a GIF of this making the rounds recently where people were suggesting it was a “Gellar field collapse” from out of Warhammer 40K.

While this isn’t the most egregious example, 40K fans tend to link anything that is dark or surreal with their beloved setting.

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Where’s my unicorn chaser?

Just like any other another typical day at my office.


Needs more baskets of falling dildoes.

Wow, Tool’s music has really gone downhill.

This is true(most notably the idea that Event Horizon might be plausible prequel material); but it does fit atypically neatly in this case, since the Immaterium is supposed to be a seething realm of chaos where the darkest thoughts and impulses of any sentient with some degree of psychic capability are made horrifyingly real. They’ve had to stretch the facts a lot harder to make them fit than in this case.

Chop, chop, Geiger!

Third Impact?


How quaint.
-Richard D. James

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Add a little acid - then hold on, it’s gonna be a rough ride.

Really wonderful work, thanks for posting.

so Cyriak go himself a better computer?

Metachaos: the emotionally dark version of Late For Meeting:

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