'Metal from the Dirt' - Cool profile of Navajo metalheads, and Diné metal shows on the rez

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Good on them. I like that they are making a community building thing.


\m/ -_- \m/


The heavy metal genre was born in 1980s England

Gotta be a typo. It was the 70’s.


Okay, 1: effectively country music is now about girls who will have sex with anyone who has a pickup truck and about how your tiny rural backwater is better than everywhere else in the world; 2: it sells Navajo (and Hopi) radio short, as they program a significant amount of traditional music as well, causing even a radio-hater like me to tune in when I’m in the area.


Damn straight. Hell, a Sabbath fan should kick the author in the shin, or something xD.

Gotta say, that facepaint looks pretty damn cool! And I hate nearly all clowns — and Juggalos, mimes, and such; not a phobia, quite, but a definite, strong, automatic dislike — so me liking any kind of heavy facial makeup is extremely rare.

[non sequitur]And I sorta like Clowncore (another). Go figure, right?[/non sequitur]


Facepaint looks like black metal inspired corpse paint to me, similar to King Diamond a little bit even (though he’s not black metal)

These guys kick ass. Does anyone know if non-reservation people are allowed at the shows?

When I saw Slayer’s final show this year in Pittsburgh, there were over 3,000 people, but I am not exaggerating this- despite it being a Slayer show and Slayers last show, I was one of 11 people in a mosh pit in the middle of a crowd of 3000 people not moshing. And I have never seen something like that before I have always seen big pits at Slayer shows.

These guys may only have 20 people at their show if that but they have as much energy going there as a good show of several hundred. I’m definitely going to check these bands out there’s some pretty brutal stuff there!

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yes, one of the interviewed musicians noted that the death metal corpse paint makeup also resembled traditional shaman/witch face paint

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Could just mean the new wave of heavy metal, but that’s still beginning in the 70s, isn’t it, even if the height was in the 80s?

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insert mandatory Dave Navarro joke here

Looks like they borrowed the paint from traditional katsina decoration:

Squash kachina
Koshare kachina

Not a big heavy metal fan, but am inclined to investigate.

There’s a similar movement in Canada. I particularly like Yamantaka // Sonic Titan and Whoop-Szo.

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Seems so much against “sa’ah naaghaii bik’eh hozho”, but I get it.

The darkness and aggression, when channeled in this fashion actually helps people screwed into desperate conditions to deal with it.

And on the facepaint, very “Crow Scout”:

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We went back to the rez this summer to visit my wife’s family. That place is huge – big open spaces, endless sky, gigantic thunderstorms. And it’s true: not many jobs out there, and way too much country music.

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