Scientists study the psychology of death metal


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There is also an aspect of counterculture. The heavy metal ethos is generally to grind someone’s gears, be it The Establishment or just your mom.


Please don’t grind my mum.

METAL!! :metal:


From my experience of having quite a few friends that were deep into all the various kinds of metal:

-Quite a lot of them love the music because of the raw skill involved by the musicians.

-They’re into it because it inherently has a smaller community compared to other genres and it creates a camaraderie they seek out

-Related to the previous point, it’s an alternative genre that most don’t dabble into so its their way of rebelling against the norm or expressing their individuality

-Most of the metal heads i grew up knowing in Venezuela were all super talented and smart people. I don’t have current American friends that are metal heads but would not be surprised if its the same here.

There’s also a lowkey kind of dark sardonic humor to metal that metalheads enjoy, i’m sure some of them love seeing people react to their music taste.


And people who listen to Huey Lewis and the News are murdering psychopaths.


:notes: “Happy to be stabbing you!” :musical_note:





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“I’m not, like, a psychiatrist or anything, but I am pretty sure the psychology is brutal.”

But the truth is, the psychology of Death Metal is seeking approval via banana stickers.



I always thought was a shame that Norwegian Death Metal bands didn’t seem to get the joke.


It’s not a scene i’m into so i would hesitate to sound like i know what i’m talking about, but i would guess they’re in on it just as much as they take it seriously. Nordic countries do have a particular type of sense of humor that i appreciate. But i am equally content to make fun of how ridiculous death metal is.


I think that burning down stave churches is maybe taking the whole joke a bit too far.


Well there’s always assholes and crazy people everywhere. I’m sure i could easily find some in Country music.