Bart Simpson apologizes to Judas Priest


Well. That’s all right, then.

Man, that was an uncommonly egregious mistake for Simpsons writers to make.

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Perhaps it was actually a subtle ploy to make the FBI look… clueless. Why does Groening hate America?

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Two problems with this. First, it was a fictional FBI agent that called it “death metal”, a mistake a non-genre savvy fictional FBI agent is likely to make, and second, Homer was not illegally downloading music.

I don’t understand on several points. Where is the apology? I see Bart with a grouchy face writing something that appears to be under duress. It seems to me more like the show is making fun of the metal-genre-sticklers. Also, even after reading the article and some wikipedia, I don’t understand what is the difference between death metal or black metal or other kinds, and what it is that is taken as a “slur.”

Death To All Butt Metal!

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So… what kind of metal is Judas Priest?

As far as I can ascertain, they’re “thrash” metal.


“Death Metal”? I dunno. . . I thought their career was pretty dead at this point.

It’s called NWOBHM.

Wikipedia pegs them as “heavy” or “speed”.

But really, I don’t think they were apologizing to the band, I think they were apologizing to fans. The band likely didn’t care too much, since they were already appearing on the episode being pretty silly in the first place.

I love how serious the fans take themselves though… This quote from the linked article is perfect:

if you brazenly mix up black metal and death metal – and the essence of the joke hinges on getting that reference right – well, that’s just lazy writing and it deserves to be called out and mocked relentlessly

No, the essence of the joke really DOESN’T hinge on getting that reference right. If anything, it’s a little bit funnier that a clueless FBI agent gets it wrong, and it’s something that only fans of that genre of music will get any way. For everyone else, the joke hinges on the band being a metal band, period, and changing their song lyrics from “Breaking the Law” to “Respecting the Law”. It doesn’t matter of they’re a death metal band, or a black metal band, or a speed metal band. To the VAST MAJORITY of Simpsons watchers, nobody gives a flying crap.

Edit because I forgot to add (which I originally came in here to say):

I totally did not get the reference from that chalkboard joke, even though I had just watched the offending episode less than 2 days before watching the new one. Goes to show how much attention I’m paying when I watch these days, a far cry from the early days when I can quote you entire episodes.

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a simple guide to metal:

Also the issue is that Judas Priest priest is part of the NWOBHM, so they are a protoform of genres of metal like Heavy or Speed which came much later.

I honestly think most people get the various genres of metal wrong. They think they sound smarter if they name a genre and either they think nobody understands the difference or that metalheads aren’t paying attention. I myself don’t follow metal. I usually spot the mistakes other people make, but I could not have correctly classified the Priest.

Based on that video, Priest sound most like Power Metal. Or, put another way, the Power Metal example provided therein sounds most like Priest.

How can the new wave of British heavy metal be a precursor to heavy metal? See, this, THIS is the kind of thing gets folks riled up!
(adjusts bullet-belt, seethes)

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