Meth-tainted 7UP has killed one person and sickened others in Mexico

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Updating the classic formula for a brand new generation.

In all seriousness, though, that’s frightening and terrible. Was there really something like a Breaking Bad style meth cookery in a bottling plant?


God damn. I bet half my city will move to Mexico if they are giving out free meth with 7-UP.


I wonder if those bottles were meant to be smuggled into the US? Could the meth be distilled (?) out of the 7-UP?

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“The tainted soda has killed one person and made seven others sick.”

So… that’s one down and seven up?

Too soon?


Test market this stuff in Arizona, should be a win win.


I don’t think it would distill out, but you could dry it down, and have a mixture of meth, sugar, and some small amount of flavouring chemicals.

Another possibility - a worker at a plant was dealing to co-workers, and when at risk of being caught they threw their stash into some mixing equipment.


This happened last week, however after the earthquake it’s something that’s just not been focused on.
The facts released so far are:
Jose Maria Soto died after drinking 7up laced with methanphetamines
5 other people were admitted to the hospital for the same thing, 4 of which have already been released
The only drink that was provided for analysis was the one that killed Jose Maria Soto. Source.
Everybody who was intoxicated lived closed by in Ejido Jalapa and Ejido Nuevo Leon in the valley of Mexicali, some pretty remote locations
The batch seems to have been produced in Hermosillo, in the neighboring state of Sonora. Source.

There are conflicting reports about what happened to Jose as it appears medical attention was delayed. But there seems to be no doubt that he was not a habitual drug user.


this and the following post demonstrate once again that idiocracy was an utopia.

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So - classic, classic Coke?

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Meth as a base is an immiscible oil, isn’t it? So it should just float on the top.

They’re everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

I’d like to introduce you to xanthan gum.

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Meth soup shots it is then!

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