Diners sue Japanese steakhouse for serving meals tainted with meth

Originally published at: Restaurant sued for serving meals tainted with meth


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I wonder if somebody was “cooking” in the kitchen, and did a bad job of cleaning up afterwards. Or left product sitting around that was mistaken for salt.


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“Tainted” is quite a biased and negative term. How about “now comes with free drugs”?


It’s Florida. Sounds like it’s worth a try.

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It wasn’t a member of the staff. Those fish they’re serving are tweaking.

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This doesn’t seem right to me. I am unfamiliar with meth, but if it’s at all similar to MDMA, it’s insanely bitter to taste. If you got enough of it to feel the effects, wouldn’t it have made the food completely unpalatable? How do you not notice that you’re eating meth?

The steaks at those kinds of places are heavily seasoned.

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My friends back in college would simmer their weed in butter before putting it in their brownie mix. Kept the potency and removed/reduced the taste. Maybe something similar happened at the steakhouse? They tend to use a lot of butter.

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Weed just tastes like plants. I was imagining meth tastes like weed killer. Hard to hide that with any amount of Heinz 57.

I’m sure this was an accident. After all, everyone makes methsteaks occasionally.


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