Methamphetamine not on In-N-Out secret menu

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He should have suspected something was up when the milkshake cost $40.


Now they tell me. :confused:


You will crave it fortnightly!


Why would he “vigorously defend these baseless claims.” Was he all out claims based on evidence to defend?

When buying doughnuts at a market a friend of mine overheard the person ahead of him asking for “extra sugar”. Liking the idea my friend asked for same but the price came to 70 AUD. Things got a bit weird when he questioned the price with the vendor. They sold him a different bag of doughnuts for a few dollars, That doughnut van changed hands shortly afterwards.


…they thought he was James Woods?

Back in my days as a fire officer but at a new district we had a call(my wife and I out grocery shopping in the command rig) where a guy insisted that he had been poisoned by his friend with strawberry ice cream. I ended up having to leave her for about two hours to run him in to the closest hospital(what if he had been right?), got a volunteer firefighter to take her home and bring the command rig to the fire station. Was the ice cream that bad, or did he hate strawberry that bad?
Why do tweakers always obsess about the secret ingredients, unlikely spy cars, and paranoid plots?
My favorite plots though were the secret Jewish plots which tweaker and/or paranoid patients would confide to me, a passable as white guy yid in a fire&rescue baseball cap with a barely used rabbinical ordination.

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I once went to a restaurant that had a “mescaline salad” on their menu.


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