Mexican president posts photo proving existence of mysterious Mayan elf

Not one of John Cassavetes’s better efforts.

But features a musical interlude with Sampson, Bruce Dickinson’s band before joining Iron Maiden

Louder, for the folks in the back.

At the root of the conflict are plans by López Obrador, which were approved last week by Mexico’s Senate, to cut salaries and funding for local election offices, and scale back training for citizens who operate and oversee polling stations. The changes would also reduce sanctions for candidates who fail to report campaign spending.

The legislative initiative, known as “Plan B”, was proposed by the president in December after he did not obtain enough votes in Congress for a constitutional reform that carried deeper electoral changes.




Watch this one instead. It’s not one of Ken Russell’s best films, but it is still a Ken Russell film! (Scored by Thomas Dolby too!)

Oh, and I forgot Julian Sands was in it. Now I am very sad

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Love that movie! Good call.

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Made in Esperanto!!


Indubitably. :blush:


Ok! Now I remember this movie! Have never seen it, but I have heard about. Because how could I not have heard about William Shatner being in a film in Esperanto! :rofl:

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