Mexico restricts DEA's operations in its country

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They were able to operate abroad? That’s weird.


A local in St Lucia told me the DEA were allowed to operate there, including arresting people. At the time I thought it implausible. After this story, I’m less certain.

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Seems like federal legalization will be a double win. Defunding for the DEA and incoming taxes.


The Drug Enforcement Agency has always been about enforcing the right to criminalize and disrupt any competition to their own trafficking partners.


It’s amazing how much the United States has been able to use its economic and geopolitical position to exert its own anti-drug campaigns in Central and South American countries. For example, we spent at least a decade and a half sending planes to spray toxic pesticides on Colombian coca fields because we didn’t want our own citizens buying their product.

That would be like if China sent planes to spray toxins across North Carolina in an effort to protect their own citizens from tobacco use.


Still need to watch the current season of Narcos.


I’d be down with that if you let Mexico bomb the Smith and Wesson factory.


I’m sure we let other countries various semi-criminal agencies operate in the US too, right?

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And, per this Wired article, helped create a Round-Up-resistant coca plants in the process. From that article, which is a great read, IMHO:

“This technique - applied over four years - is now the most likely explanation for the arrival of Boliviana negra. By spraying so much territory, the US significantly increased the odds of generating beneficial mutations. There are numerous species of coca, further increasing the diversity of possible mutations. And in the Amazonian region, nature is particularly adaptive and resilient.”

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They call it Five Eyes, and claim that it isn’t illegal if it’s other countries spying on citizens and letting the US know.


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