Miami cop Mario Figueroa suspended after kicking handcuffed man in the head

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If this is accurate and past trends hold up then a car thief will have all charges dropped and a cop gets a paid vacation with a slap on the wrist. AKA justice!

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In a thread on twitter, a poster mentioned that when he went through Law Enforcement training, in an exercise where a police officer was kicked in the head on the ground, the correct response was to shoot the attacker because kicking a defenseless person in the head was “deadly force”.

I’m guessing, though, that the thorough and impartial internal investigation will see things differently


It really is.

Hard to understand how police are held to a lower standard than the rest of us, despite the extra training and experience they have.

ETA: We should definitely take into account, though, that this police officer likely feared for his life. Police officers are very scared, all the time. So terrified.


I know I’ve seen that happen at least one other time. Jesus Christ. That should be an instant fire-able offense. There is NOTHING one could come up with that to excuse this sort of thing.


he gets a paid vacation pending the results of an internal investigation.

An investigation into just how scary the “perp” was and how this would have been self-defense if that empty hand had held a gun. Also, he was no angel.




If the victim has to pick out the cop from several others, would that be a thin blue lineup?

(I’m sorry, humor helps me cope)


The beating scene from Boogie Nights gives me bad flashbacks to this day. This is what kicking a guy in the head looks like:

Extra-super disturbing for me personally because I went to see Boogie Nights knowing nothing about it except (1) period piece, and (2) Burt Reynolds … so it’s a comedy, right? (Wrong.) I was feeling down and needed some distraction … no joy.

Exactly, one would expect them to be held to a higher standard due to their training.

This is true for all sorts of licensed professions (at least theoretically).

Let me know when cops like this a-hole are immediately jailed, and changed with attempted murder under the color of law (which would immediately double the potential penalty).


Fucking human garbage. Should be in jail.

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It would have been interesting if some good Samaritan had shot the cop for this very reason.

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LOL. I was trying to keep it within the realm of reality…

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If police officers in the USA can get away with shooting handcuffed suspects while on camera what will happen after a “mere” kick to the head? Nothing.


Yeah, thanks to my medical license I can get away with infecting people with hantavirus and prescribing myself opioids, and all the punishment I get is the hospital puts me on paid administrative leave for a few weeks!

That’s basically equivalent to what’s happening with cops.


Meh. SOP for American cops, it seems. It’s why I now have absolutely no desire to ever go to the US again, even though I’m unlikely to have a run-in with the thugs\\, er, police.

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Yup. And I routinely go around kicking people’s dogs, and also prescribing myself shit-tons of opioids, and the DEA and vet med board give me a paid vacation.

It’s f-ing awesome to be a trained professional with a license!

/S (for the sarcasm impaired…)


Considering other people garbage probably contributed to this situation in the first place. I agree about the jail part, though.

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