Michael Cohen SDNY sentencing memo recommends 'substantial prison,' and Individual-1 is in deep trouble


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It’s the prosecutor’s job to ask for the maximum punishment possible. We will see what he actually gets.


Womp womp.


interesting he helped federal but not state prosecutors

either protecting his own illegal state actions

or he knows state can’t be pardoned and this is all some kind of game where he knows trump can still pardon federal charges

because if he really wanted to see trump/family suffer he would have helped state charges happen for trump, no future president could pardon those like ford did nixon

the only problem with him not getting enough of a break in sentence is that it discourages others from helping because why bother


Call me when it leads to indictments against Nostradumbass. Until then yawn.


Break out the “lawyer-filled buses going over a cliff” jokes.


Obviously, Jean was referring to film moguls and her agent.


That was the best jpeg I could find. The saying is quite a bit older. See #7



They’re telling Cohen that if he cooperates fully - this can be revisited.


Why does he always remind me of Arrested Development?


Why I come to BB.




I’m starting to think this Trump dude may not be entirely trustworthy.


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Continued Trump: “…but man, I’d sure hate to be this ‘Indivisible One’ guy right now!”


Everything about this admin reminds me of AR, with Ron Howard narrating just how horrible the actual reality really is:

45: " I’m going to hire the best people, the smartest people."

Narrator; He didn’t.

45: “The overall audience was, I think, the biggest ever to watch an inauguration address, which was a great thing”

Narrator; It wasn’t.

45: " I don’t have any deals with Russia."

Narrator; He does.


It is always telling when these news stories break what the top headlines are over at Breitbart and Fox.

Fox: Covering it with byline, “Alan Dershowitz thinks this is bad news for Mueller”
Breitbart: Have you seen what Cuba is up to these days??


I suspect they’re doing that because he was late in cooperating, and only after they had his tender parts in a legal vice.

Yeah. And we really do need a Ron Howard-narrated version of this administration - they’ve totally set it up already in that direction. Every time Trump (or his cronies) say something (which is inevitably not true), there’s always a chorus of commentators with “narrator voice” corrections. If they ever do a movie about the Trump administration, it needs to be done Arrested Development style. (Or possibly Armando Iannucci style, but the reality may be already too broad for his approach.)


Sell some drugs: 5-10 years (minimum)
Undermine democracy: ?-5 years
Steal houses and send the economy into a spiral: stern reprimand with a wink