Michael Imperioli thought The Sopranos might not catch on

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Imperioli says he couldn’t tell if The Sopranos was supposed to be a spoof, a comedy, or what… not to mention the fact that at the turn of the 21st century, an HBO series didn’t exactly bring to mind the glamor it does today.

Funny thing is that one of the reasons I kept (and still keep) HBO from before the Sopranos, was because they were already making good shows. It certainly wasn’t worth it for the movies. They didn’t call it “Hey, Batman’s On” for nothing…
Before that aired, I was already a fan of Oz, Dream On, Larry Sanders, Arliss, Tracy Takes On, Sex and the City, etc… Most of those are comedies.
But for sure Sopranos ushered in an era of amazing dramatic television.
I just recently went back and watched most of the first season - seeing it again for the first time since it first aired, you really realize how much they set up for the coming seasons.
And, as he alluded to - a lot of the show IS very funny.


My exact thoughts, except I found it less than “okay”. Then I watched a part of an episode, which confirmed my exact thoughts, and I never watched it again.

“Games of Thrones”, “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, and “Westworld”, same thing. Somehow, HBO finds out how to NOT tickle my watching bone.

I think the last HBO series that I watched all of the time was “Not Necessarily the News”.

Deadwood, The Wire and Sopranos. It was like the golden age of HBO TV.

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