Michelle Obama on Trump: 'Clearly in over his head'

This one. It’s terrifying to think how much more wrecking he would have accomplished if he weren’t busy watching TV all day.


They gave Kasich, a very conservative Republican 4min. They gave AOC only 1 min. This tells me what DNC thinks about the “change”. Getting rid of Trump is not difficult, changing the corrupt system is. Because all of them, including Biden and Obama, are a part of that system.
By all means, get rid of Trump, but don’t expect much to change. You won’t have a lunatic for president so that’s good, but healthcare will still suck, military spending out of control, lobbyists running the show…


I think its about keeping your powder dry. Criticism when it isn’t going to effect change is ineffectual and diminishes your power. Better to unload at the appropriate time.


Precisely. She’s an effective communicator because she doesn’t go around with a megaphone. She looks for the most strategic opportunity.


re: kasich, it’s possible the DNC thought having a republican speak would be much more of an eye opener for repubs and undecideds tuning in than hearing from AOC, as good a speaker as she is.


If Kasich is the future of the party, then we’re fucked. :woman_shrugging:


Not everyone on Fox is pro-Trump - just 99% of them. These two aren’t. So don’t mistake this for any kind of shift. It’s not. Not that you said this at all, but I keep seeing liberals waiting for “eyes to open” and the shift to happen on the right. It’s not going to happen. 3+ years in and there are only a few exceptions.


Michelle did more to unite the country in her 18 minute spotlight than Cadet Bonespurs has done in his life. She is the GOAT.


It worked great in 2016.
Why not 2 min Kasich, 3 min AOC.
DNC would rather have 4 more years of Trump and make money from big donors, than have progressives take money out of politics.


Name Michelle Obama’s political accomplishments.

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I wonder what went on there? If you watch it carefully you can see he said something short and terse to her that really knocked the wind out of her sails. What on earth did he say?

I, too, would like to know what he said. It has intrigued me since I first saw it happen. Her face just melts and the look on his face…lordy, you know he thinks he landed a real zinger.

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She was an effective surrogate for her husband for 8 years for one and in fact was likely more popular than her husband. Just because she hasn’t run for office doesn’t mean she isn’t an effective politician. A spouse for a candidate or elected official is often a politician, too.


Elegant shade.

She eviscerated Trump on 5th Avenue.


i’m not saying that barack or michelle needed to stop trump single-handedly. that’s not their job. and i’m certainly not saying they need to apologize for anything, for pete’s sake – but if barack had spoken up earlier instead of adhering to the old protocol of not criticizing your successor, or if michelle had used her incredible charisma to make a quick speech or a comment here or there, they could have unified the party much earlier, and maybe 2018 would’ve had even more successes than it had. they knew the stakes better than anyone. but here we are, and i’m definitely looking forward to seeing what they are going to do and say going forward.


She was instrumental in updating the school lunch nutritional standards for the first time in 15 years, getting those updated, healthier standards adopted by thousands of schools.
The current administration undid everything at the federal level, but lots of schools have retained some or all of the updates.
I like to think she also empowered an entire generation of young girls who saw, maybe for the first time, someone who looked like them making big and positive change in the world, all with intelligence and compassion. I don’t know if that’s a political accomplishment, but it sure counts for something!


I’m perfectly comfortable with letting the Obama’s figure out where they’re most effective and what fits their values and ethics. And if they jumped in then they may have diminished their ability to do so now.

Besides- it’s the current candidates jobs to unite the party and to show people they can do so.


Right? He better not be. He is welcome at the edge of the big tent, to usher in as many undecideds, Independents and Republicans as he can manage to convince. But as soon as he whips out that old anti-abortion bullshizz, he’s OUT like yesterday’s garbage. I appreciate what he did last night. But I know who he is. He’s no true friend. He’s useful …for now.


yeah, that’s fair. i just miss them, and i am sure that off camera they are livid. i just want that experience, savvy, and energy to be out in the world.


As far as I’m concerned, the closest Kasich should come to the Dem’s big tent is just outside the distance from which he can piss into it*. He’ll be more useful standing outside the white cone-shaped tent of the GOP, warning Republicans off from associating with the pack of deranged and hateful clowns within.

[* as you note, anti-choice is not a truly moderate position, whatever he might call himself]