Michigan governor candidate Tudor Dixon says forcing raped children to give birth to the rapist's baby is "healing"

Originally published at: Michigan governor candidate Tudor Dixon says forcing raped children to give birth to the rapist's baby is "healing" | Boing Boing


Kinda reminds me of how they used to train nurses who work at insane asylums to put makeup on women patients because a bunch of dudes in lab coats thought the femininity would be healthy for them. That line of thinking and Dixon’s verbal diarrhea is pretty damn toxic.


The twisted logic of the death cultists. I’m sure she’ll find ways to sink lower in the coming weeks (and longer if a majority of Michigan voters are foolish enough to vote for her).


I don’t wish rape on anyone, and especially not children; but I can’t help but be convinced that Dixon’s attitude would do a very abrupt 180 if it were her child that had been raped.

But we all know that already. It’s practically baked into the ideology as a default. Frank Wilhoit’s concise definition (“Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition, to wit: There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect.”) is never more true than when dealing with MAGA christofascism.


These toads are finally getting around to some of the more advanced forms of medical technology as regards ‘fertility’. Now they realize that IVF involves making multiple embryos in vitro then implanting just a few that look good and tossing the rest (or getting authorization to do some research with them and then tossing them). So yes, surprise! once they moronically decide a batch of cells “inna Petri dish” is viewed as a human then they’re going to philosophically explode. Such is the fate of medievalist misogynistic mentality jousting against modernity. They’ll lose eventually, but not after causing society a whole lot of grief.


I’m wondering how having a baby before you’re even old enough to join the workforce is going to be healing, especially for a teenage mother at an entry-level job trying to get through high school. :man_shrugging:


“I’ve talked to those people who were the child of a rape victim, and the bond that those two people made, and the fact that out of that tragedy there was healing through that baby — it’s something that we don’t think about,” she said.


While I am doubtful she has actually talked to anyone, I am sure there is at least one rape survivor who had their baby and were glad they did and were able to heal though it. Fine.

What about the rape survivors who aborted their fetus and were also able to heal and glad that they did it?

There is no perfect solution for such a horrible event. Allowing PEOPLE TO CHOOSE what is best for them is the way to go.


I think you’d be surprised how many people think IVF is evil. We had our kid through IVF. When we moved, we attended a bunch of churches in the area to find the one we wanted to make our regular. At one of them-the largest in the area-we actually sat through a homily on how sinful IVF was. We later admitted we both wanted to walk out, but thought the other wouldn’t approve.


I met someone who had a horrific accident that nearly killed them, but they ultimately looked at it as a positive, as it brought them closer to Jesus and helped them turn their life around. So since then, I’ve been causing horrific accidents that nearly kill people to give other people that exact same experience.


It’s possible Dixon is telling the truth, but it’s a selective truth that leaves out the experiences of women who were so traumatized by being raped they didn’t want to carry their attacker’s child. And it fails to acknowledge that the women Dixon allegedly talked to still had a choice in the matter.

Rights shouldn’t be stripped away based on a few cherry-picked examples, especially when even those don’t say what the picker thinks they’re saying.


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And I’ve heard stories from people whose mother was raped and was never able to bond or have her own life afterwards and have had to live with the consequences of having a mother like that. So what though? These are just stories people tell themselves anyway.

What makes me angry here is that politicians like this are literally using their backyard gossip and family drama to create laws for people whose lives they can’t even imagine.


Here’s a question I’d like to see asked at every debate or public Q&A given by an anti-abortion candidate:

If your daughter were raped and it resulted in a pregnancy, would you force her to carry it to term?


I’m pretty sure that although we suspect what the answer would be, in public it’s whatever gets the best play.


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