Michigan man offers "Amish Uber" rides in his horse & buggy


Or this was the joke made by this young man himself:


The Amish do not believe that having their photo taken “steals their souls”. Some Amish will shun posed pictures because they find those prideful. The main issue with photos is that tourist treat the Amish like they are characters at Williamsburg.

Imagine that you go out in your backyard to mow your lawn and a group of people pull a car up your driveway and begin snapping photos because you look so quaint. Every morning as you are driving to work there are people hanging out of cars to take pictures of you driving your Honda, do you think that would get old real fast?. A fiend, who is actually a Mennonite, explained it best saying what 50+ year old women wants her photo taken on a Saturday morning while she is gardening in her front yard.

If you get a chance to meet and talk to Amish people you will find them very welcoming, and they often have a wicked sense of humor. There is a market in my city with many Amish merchants and over the years I struck up a friendship with one gentlemen. I once asked him, how is your good wife? He responded, Sir, you obviously have me confused with someone else.




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