Michigan State "deeply sorry" for displaying Hitler image on scoreboard at football game

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@Carla_Sinclair Um the article is about Michigan State University (MSU) while the image is of the University of Michigan’s scoreboard (UM). 2 different schools


You might want to change the photo. That’s a photo of the old scoreboard from the University of Michigan, not the one from Michigan State University.


That is so mealy-mouthed, it is worthy of a Police Incident Report.


If we weren’t living in a time or place where fascism and literal Nazis weren’t making a comeback, this probably wouldn’t have been an issue. But we do, so it is. That was pretty stupid of whoever made the decision to include that as a trivia question.


“Who was TIME Magazine’s “Man of the Year” in 1938?”


Holy Fudgesticks!


There is what is called a “Gameday Producer” and they go over the script with the crew before the show and make sure all the elements are done properly.

Sometimes these trivia bits are last-second and don’t get any supervisory eyes on them before they get to air. The director and producer plus the DAK op need to be dealt with. That is the command structure and those are the heads that may need rolling.

Trust me - it takes purposeful effort to make something go up on those boards, there were several eyes on the material before the public saw it. If they lay all the blame at the DAK op’s feet… the fuck that org.


They picked Stalin for 1943. So all in all, you know, pretty balanced, no?


This is what we alumni got yesterday:

Dear Spartan Community,

The Michigan State University (MSU) Board of Trustees is outraged at last night’s incident at Spartan Stadium. The projected image was unacceptable, and as the oversight body for MSU we want to publicly apologize to everyone who was in Spartan Stadium or learned of this through other means.

The board has spoken with Interim President Teresa Woodruff and Athletic Director Alan Haller and conveyed to them our extreme disappointment and our demand to know how this happened. MSU personnel must be accountable and held responsible for this disgusting display.

Every person in the MSU community and our guests deserve to feel safe and that they belong. The board does not condone bigotry of any kind. We will take necessary steps to ensure that our athletic department and the administration live up to that expectation at all times. The board demands that MSU administrators thoroughly examine all the factors and actions that led to this incident and report back to the board and the public about how this happened and who will be held accountable.


MSU Board of Trustees

Michigan State University


Seems like it would be best to have a selection of trivia selected before game season even starts. So the questions and answers can be reviewed, proofed, and formatted. Then any last minute additions are coming from a pool already vetted and formatted for the board. Just slot one in.

The use of this question makes me wonder, and the university should wonder, if they have a nazi on staff


Maybe the history faculty could lend a hand. If they still have one.


That’s necessary, but not sufficient. That would prevent this particular incident, but you still need regular review for anything that changes. Imagine having something innocous like say, Kobe Bryant trivia vetted previously and showing up in the first game in February of the 2019-2020 season.


What’s a DAK?

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It would have been an issue, but a decade ago there might still have been a doubt that whoever put it up was a Nazi tr0ll. There is no doubt now.


It’s doing a good job of fucking itself. Going back several years we’ve got their handling of Nasser, we’ve got the situation with their now ex head football coach, and then there’s this year’s shootings (not their fault but impacting their reputation) and the hateful messages written on doors a couple years back. You’ll notice the article mentioned an interim president. No one wants to be the figurehead of the university during this period.


They probably shut down the history department to pay for the scoreboard.


I’m assuming it isn’t Deutsches Afrikakorps.


Apart from the incident itself, this is a pretty badly written email: it neglects to inform you what actually happened. Maybe alumni in the US are expected to follow all news about their Alma mater at all times, but if you didn’t, you wouldn’t learn from that email what it is they apologise for.


Meh, I think it’s just a case of their privilege not making them stop and think that maybe some people don’t want to see this on a big screen on game day. So they’re not necessarily Nazis, but probably pretty cool with Nazis.