Michigan young Republicans apologize for Hitler/Holocaust-themed Valentine


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As a graphic designer it’s a rare occasion to come across a printed document in which the use of Comic Sans is the least offensive thing about it.


Republicans. Keepin’ it classy. Oy!


I mean - this obviously calls for Schwabacher.


I propose a substitute:

My desire for you
Exceeds my love of Yatzy
The only thing I desire more
Is to punch a neo-nazi.


Fuggin Nazis, they’re taking over everything these days!


“We don’t condone this.”

Bullshit. You’re terrible at hiding intent, and you got caught.


I did Nazi that joke coming at all.


Seriously, What the fuck is wrong with republicans? Shit like this is way too common.


They can apologise all they want, but it won’t change the commonly understood notion that Young Republican clubs attract rubbish people as members.


It reads like it was straight out of “The Producers”.


It’s in bad taste, but this looks to me like someone trying to do a South Park style not-pc-and-that’s-the-joke joke. Misguided, yes, but I’m doubtful that this comes from a place of antisemitism. Hanlon’s razor and all that.


I’m shocked—shocked—that… etc.


The group apologised, saying it did not “condone this type of rhetoric or anti-Semitism”, with a snicker.


I love this modern form of apology that is basically: “We’re sorry that we got caught publicly espousing the shitty ideas we actually believe.”


What type of anti-Semitism do they condone?


I’m sure that’s what the people behind this thought. “If Mel Brooks gets to make Hitler jokes then why can’t I? Also I think it’s grossly unfair that I can’t use the N-word but black hip-hop musicians can.”


If this were a fraternity on campus, it would have been suspended by the school, and the national parent frat called in to investigate.

Why is a political club treated differently?


I’m surrounded by Michigan Republicans. Just a few days ago it was this party secretary up in Marquette calling for extrajudicial killings to teach kids a lesson. Of course, he said “He didn’t mean it that way”… http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2017/02/05/gop-leader-apologizes-kent-state/97533372/


Ahh, Michigan. I love the state for all the lakes and sand and stuff, but it is proof positive that the South is not just in the South.