Microplastics found in human poop


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that’s ok. human poop has been found in microplastics.


“And what do you do for a living?”


Check their diet.


I liked those. I wonder if they still make them.

ETA alas no they don’t


“Each gelatinous blob busting in my teeth like some twisted boil full of sugary pus”


What? You mean that chewing on my sweatshirt’s nylon drawstring while I eat some ramen noodles out of a polystyrene cup might mean that I am ingesting small bits of plastic?



I knew it.


Mythbusters proved it…poo is everywhere. It is completely unavoidable.


That quad espresso is kicking in, got’a go.




So you admit it was your poop?


Guilty as charged. Again…


Remember Morgellons?


Now if they found macroplastics


This is good news!

When I read the article about micro-plastics in salt, my first thought was this was either going to keep us regular, or accumulate in our bowels til they explode.


I am not going to google that.


I ate a single serving of (rather mediocre) salad yesterday out of a plastic container, with a plastic fork, that had been sealed in a plastic wrapper. Croutons I put on my salad that had been in a baggie also, and dressing that I had to buy separately and that came -no surprise- also in plastic.

I felt quite guilty, and happy that that’s far from my usual MO.


Coming up at 11: Do you and your family have plastic stools? You’re going to want to sit down for this one - or, (#) Two, rather …