Microsoft call center worker fired for hanging up on a neo-nazi


There’s a third possibility. It might have been a test call by Stream or Microsoft to see how that type of caller would be handled. There was no mention of the caller being abusive, just having a racist account name. I assume the proper way to handle that call would be to actually look up the person’s account, not find it, then try to find it by other information (name, address, phone number, etc). Then when whatever issue they had was fixed, find out how to report the asshole to the right department.


I’ve spent years in the past working for large OEMs and with their customer service departments at all levels and I’ve never, ever heard of this form of abuse on employees. They jerk them around in so many ways but harassing them with racism is lawsuit-material.

There is zero chance of your guess being reality.


Non issue. The call center worker failed to be professional at their job, dealing with customers no matter how rude/annoying/offensive you may find them is a part of that line of work and if you can’t take it you should find another line of work. I have no sympathy for the worker, they weren’t being abused by the caller and even though the gamer tag offended them that wasn’t a good reason to hang up on the caller. Hopefully they find something less stressful and better suited to their talents, but even though neo-nazi’s are bad people in your or my opinion doesn’t mean they deserve bad customer service.


A call center rep is a completely disposable employee with a shitty, stressful job, shameful pay, and basically no job security. Gee, who’da thunk it. This isn’t surprising.

Maybe they should unionize… oh wait, then they’d all be fired laid off. This article communicates a problem, but not the one most people will think it does. It’s not that a company would rather fire someone than support her for standing up to a racist d-bag, it’s that they’d rather fire someone than admit to any kind of moral stance at all, on anything, even something as cut-and-dried as anti-semitism. Basically, you can be fired just for having morals and ethics at all, these days. As a corporate spokes-person you must be completely robotic and unflappable at all times. You can’t be a human at work, how would any work get done if we acknowledged people’s sleep schedules, nutritional requirements, social lives, their need to go home at night and look at themselves in the mirror without shame…?


I worked for a call center for a while. If this had happened to me I would have put the caller on hold and transferred the call to a supervisor. That way the caller would have been dealt with and the call center employee wouldn’t have had to deal with him. I would not have hung up on the caller though, we were always told to just transfer anything we were not comfortable with to a supervisor.


I get the feeling we’re not getting the full story here, and that much of what was said and done was recorded. Just me, though. I don’t think this woman was fired for hanging up on a nazi. I think they probably have a history of recordings and this was a “test call” to determine how she handled something of this nature.


I won’t let them march in my town, or post billboards, but I’ll be support their right to call about their xbox account!

They tell you your first day that at Microsoft the neo-nazi is always right.

I did customer support for a small company at one point early in my adult-hood. The company’s owner would occasionally call up and make fake, harassing calls to see how we’d handle it. Needless to say, he was a grade-A a-hole.

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Oh, certainly. I’m talking about Dell, HP, large scale operations. There was never ever a need to create these fantasy scenarios because they were addressed through 1) Roleplaying, and 2) Frequent audits.

And yeah, we encountered plenty of small minded individuals who considered themselves “Real Amerikuh”.

But remember, this is a ‘non-issue’ because the wage-slave, erm, employee was "unprofessional, as noted in an earlier comment.


I hate Illinois Nazis


There’s a fine line (read: potential chasm) between somebody with an offensive gaming handle and a bona fide Nazi. Not to say either end of the spectrum is acceptable, but you’d better have some substantial evidence before you completely Godwin somebody just based on their nickname. Anti-semitic, sure, but Nazi? I’m pretty sure the last of the actual Nazis are pretty close to death’s door, and I’d bet none of them have X-Box.


Being unfamiliar with the term “heeb” I looked it up:

“A (purposeful) mispelling of the Jewish slur ‘hebe’. While before ‘hebe’ was an ethnic slur, ‘heeb’ is a word of pride regarding ones Jewish idenity. This transformation is due in large part to the emerging Jewish youth culture comming out of New York City.”

Seems a strange choice for a racist to use in their gamer tag.

This doesn’t seem a fire-able offense by itself, a warning at best, i’m betting there is more to this story and this wasn’t this call center employee’s first offense. Especially then they openly admin “I’m the kind of girl who gets a reputation for being mouthy without really trying.” While I don’t condone the username, maybe that employee is in the wrong line of work.


Yes, people who talk about killing other people and seriously glorify murder have no right to any kind of service beyond what the law guarantees.

It is perfectly legal for companies to discriminate based on Nazi sympathy statements or beliefs. And yes, I think people who glorify genocide publicly don’t deserve to be treated well publicly.

It may not be Microsoft policy to treat racists differently, but that’s between Microsoft and the employee. The asshole neo-nazi does not have any rights to any commercial service or any rights to be civilly treated.


On Friday my 11 year old son was at a birthday party for one of his friends. When I got to the friends house to pick him up they were half way through watching the Blues Brothers. Later when we were leaving I said I hate Illinois Nazis and he looked puzzled, like, had I seen that movie before?


Did he call back and report her? How can they know it was a hang-up and not your ‘typical’ accidental disconnection? I mean, she said she said nothing confrontational to him and didn’t tell anyone about the call.


Glad she got fired. Clearly she wasn’t doing her job. I can’t refuse to fill a neo-nazi’s gas tank, or teach a neo-nazi child English or otherwise discriminate against them, so why should she be able to? Ok yes this has to do with xbox which is not a real civil rights issue, but you can’t just cherry pick what human rights you enforce and where and when. The correct course of action would be to either pass it along to someone higher up or to fufill their request without emotional attachment, end of story.


Xbox tech support is a “human right”? I don’t think so.