Mike Lindell joins Jimmy Kimmel from inside of an arcade claw machine

Originally published at: Mike Lindell joins Jimmy Kimmel from inside of an arcade claw machine | Boing Boing

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Yeah, ok, this is just more Fallon Hair Rubbing.

Normalizing fascist assholes for laughs and advertising money right?




From watching the video, it seems like Kimmel’s intent was to call Lindell a loon to his face and ridicule him publicly, not give him a platform. But doing this still gives him a platform. Better to call him a loon and ridicule him without bringing him on the show.


It’s hilarious you can’t even hardly tell their parody bits from the real Lindell. He even started the interview with “Jimmy Crumble, is that you?”

Seriously, anyone watching Jimmy Kimmel, unless they are hate watching, is viewing Lindell as the absolute clown show he is. Kimmel put the claw machine stipulation as an attempt to create a ridiculous scenario no self respecting person would stoop to.

(Morgan Freedman voice) “But he did stoop to it. He stooped hard. I guess some people ain’t got no pride.”


Ugh. If you’re going to make fun of a delusional, drug addled fascist, do it in a way that doesn’t let the fascist amplify their message. Yeah, ha ha so funny, I made the fascist sit in a funny place, while I gave them air time to say whatever the hell they wanted.


Too bad his mic wasn’t outside the glass some distance away.


Obviously Kimmel offered the claw-machine-appearance as a joke, and because he thought “no way this guy agrees to it.” Jokes on both of them, but I grant that Kimmel got some good zingers in, and Lindell didn’t help his image any (despite trying to sneak his conspiracy talking-points in at every breath.)

On one hand people like him shouldn’t be given a platform, on the other hand he has a knack for digging his own grave by opening his mouth.


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