Mike Pence used his AOL account for Indiana government business, and got hacked


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The hacking isn’t as shocking as using AOL for anything.


Does he have one of those zombie, dial-up accounts?


But her emails!


So, basically everyone in the Drumpf administration was doing exactly the thing that they were horrified that Hillary was doing :question:


Fucking AOL.

i can’t even.




Oh no … it’s totally different! Hillary was using a private server. He was using his AOL account! Totally different! – Any Republican willing to say anything on the matter


I know we want to make a big stink about this, but the fact is that even as a governor, Pence wasn’t party to classified information.


I think ‘the stink’ is that basically everything Clinton was criticized for, the 45 Admin seems to be exponentially guilty of themselves.

It’s the flagrant, unrepentant hypocrisy that’s so galling.


It’s not the action, it’s the hypocrisy that galls.

Edit: Jinx @Melizmatic, I owe you a coke.


This is my concern about what is happening right now with the fast social media/news cycle. There are some great, real stories coming out about Trump and his connections to Russia. But everyone is so eager to jump on a bad story about Trump and the Gang that there is not a lot of discernment. Read scary headline, click, comment about what douches they all are. Satisfaction cycle complete.

These guys are really scary for legit reasons, but we need to step back a bit. The Sessions story has some interesting aspects to it, but when you parse the language of what he was asked under oath and his reply, I wouldn’t 100% say he perjured himself. Danced with the truth, yes. But provable perjury - not sure. Now, the news about him meeting with the Russian ambassador, in and of himself, is something to really investigate.


I think this and the Sessions story are still valid because of the hypocrisy and general dishonesty. But what does bother me are non-stories like Conway chilling on the sofa or how Trump likes his steaks, displacing the actually important stories.


He did have access to Sensitive But Unclassified (SBU) data such as police, homeland security, legal, and other personal identifiable information. Any of which if compromised would be bad news.


Something like this thread?


Right down to the choice of wording; uncanny!



How could he resist?


No, it’s not about her emails. It’s about ethics in gaming – err, BENGHAZI!


Add “This only hurts a state not the whole country.”