Mike Rogers: Trump hasn't authorized US Cyber Command to disrupt Russia's ongoing election hack ops

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/02/27/us-cyber-command-chief-adm-mi.html


Trumpists: There was no interference!

US intelligence agencies: Yes there was here’s the proof.

Trumpists: OK, maybe there was election interference but if there was then it was all pro-Hillary and it’s Obama’s fault for not doing anything to stop it.

US intelligence agencies: (Rolling eyes) Fine. So can we do something to stop it now?

Trumpists: No.


Wow - that is pretty damning when the conservative-ish military is saying the President is tying their hands to stop foreign interference.

But hey - how about a positive take away? When this all shakes out and Trump writes his memoirs, we might finally get an answer to the question of what Putin’s dick tastes like. I am guessing it has hints of caviar and oppression.


This is nothing short of Gross Negligence!

Just like yesterday and the day before that…


Presumably when Republicans watch The Manchurian Candidate in 2018 they see Frank Sinatra’s character as some kind of leftist embarking on a partisan witch hunt.



Trump doesn’t want to stop the hacking because it’s all being done in his favor. Dirty politics as learned in the swamp lands.


It no longer matters whether Trump was conspiring with Russia to seize the U.S. presidency – his inaction when it comes to Russia is a blatant betrayal of the U.S. Trump is “Agent Orange from Russia” regardless of whether Putin recruited him.


But it looks so secure!


I read that as not having the authority to enter a sovereign nation to conduct a military operation.

And I read this as not hacking Russian elections

I would hope that Rogers is never authorized to do these sorts of things. We don’t want a government engaging in criminal activity just because some other government is do we? We don’t want to use our military in a foreign nation with which we are not at war do we?

This is pretty damned hawkish if you ask me. I don’t want a punative military and I don’t want an escalation of action either. I’d rather they spend their time and money on protecting and hardening what we have and not government sanctioned cyber-warfare.


Is’nt this a blatant act of nonfeasance? When intelligence agancies are telling you foreign entities are fully capable and ready to violate the integrity of our state and national elections and these warnings are willfully and recklessy ignored, isn’t this grounds alone for bringing charges against the administration? I mean, what does it take?


No, we have the TALLEST sort of negligence!


Where are the fucking good guys in our government? The real patriots that love this nation and the Consittution? GOD DAMNIT!!!

Exactly! He is conspiring with foreign, aka Russian entities to undermine our democracy right before our eyes! We’re seeing it in real time! All the evidence is there for us to see. We shouldn’t even need Mueller at this point. It’s so fucking frustrating to see all the evidence and nothing is done.


I didn’t even think about that angle. I assumed Trump has been ignoring the attacks just because acknowledging them is a step towards acknowledging that they were to help him. But this -

President refuses to protect the country because he is likely to benefit from another such attack

Is entirely believable. God help us all.


Time was, the U.S. could distinguish itself from Russia based on power relationships between citizens and leaders.

I never thought I’d miss the cold war!


Color me unsurprised.


Eh, this might be the case where they don’t want to publicly disclose that they’re working on it for fear of tipping their hand. They want to maintain the illusion that the career spooks aren’t allowed to work on this while in fact they’re busting ass behind the scenes.

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What makes you think this isn’t just Cold War 2.0?


That’s a weird way to read it. The NSA has tools available to counter the network attacks that Russia is using. Those tools are not soldiers in foreign lands.

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