Mike's mom, who wouldn't give him a Pepsi, finally tells her side of the story

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It doesn’t matter, I’ll probably get hit by a car anyway.


I dunno, maybe it’s my age, but I kinda just want to tell Mike to can it with the self-centered teen-angst bullshit, quit whining, and get a job. You’re not as deep as you think you are.

I say this as someone who has been Mike.

ETA: oops, didn’t mean to respond to your comment, generic_name.


She’s right, you know.


She’s still around?


40 years? 40 years!!! ??


Read the write up by the mom and i feel like this would’ve been more interesting as a conversation between Mike and his mom to get a feeling of the situation from both sides, especially in retrospect. Having perspective on the moment and contrasting on where they’re at now would’ve been cool.

Also judging by the mom’s comments she says that her son was definitely on drugs, so i would guess if true it would’ve been pot? If so i doubt that should’ve been reason enough to institutionalize him, suppose it shows how people viewed drugs and mental health at time.


That’s like telling a depressed person to just be happy. Sometimes people just feel deeply lost and unprepared, that angst is part of the process.


Institutionalized is my favorite song of all time. It is so brilliant. The dual meaning of “institutionalized”: “to place or confine in an institution”, and “to make institutional” (ie condition to function within the confines of an institution) give the song an amazing depth. “I went to your schools, your churches.” Society as the institution.

Plus it’s really funny.


Oh, I know. Doesn’t make him any less annoying, though.


The embedded shout-outs to Calcium-Rich Milk and orange juice really made it a solid period piece for me. The PSA/propaganda (it was fuzzy) around these drinks was so prevalent for drinks that now many people consciously limit for health reasons (OJ having about the same sugar as soda, and milk having half, and everyone drinking alt-milks). Drinking milk or juice hitting like a punchline is real but also confusing to my addled brain.


GPB__Forty Years!__FGD135


``“When we grew up in America in the 1960s and ’70s I genuinely believed that milk was akin to air and water and that you would die if you didn’t drink milk. My parents didn’t tell me that, the fucking dairy lobby told me that. If you were in school you were taught to drink milk, it was insane, it’s bullshit, I haven’t had a glass of milk in 30 years and I’m still here"` - Ian Mackaye


Sad Sam GIF by Originals


Drug addled?!?!


this is a Coca-Cola house

That is all I need to hear, case closed. You don’t go asking for pepsi in a coca cola house. It just isn’t done.


she’s kind of dodging the whole “yelling at him to be institutionalized” point, though.


I would have, because Pepsi is better :eyes:


I always wanted to see what happened to Evelyn Togar after the school exploded. But that is definitely not Fritz Hansel…

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Brief tangent:
I went to jr high with Brian Baker, Minor Threat’s guitarist. I hope he still has that sexy Les Paul - he was already playing TF out of it when he was in 8th grade. He was pleasantly surprised when I pointed out he had the same guitar as Ace Frehley, and enumerated & explained the differences between their respective models.

Shortly after I turned 18, my new BF took me on our 1st date to go hang out w/his best friend, a drummer. They were both almost a decade older than I. His friend put on a Minor Threat album, and I picked up the cover, since this was my first time hearing them. I freaked out & explained I’d gone to a snooty suburban private school w/Mr Baker, and that he’d moved to DC in the middle of his 1st year of high school.

His friend later admitted he hadn’t believed me, and soon rang a walking punk encyclopedia. He told him, yeah, Baker was a rich kid from Grosse Pointe who’d gone to DC with his newly-divorced mom when he was a freshman, met Ian, and the rest was history. I laughed and asked, “Why the hell would I lie? To try to impress you? That’s not very punk…” and we cracked up.