Mila Kunis "stole my chicken"


I was expecting to see at least ‘one meeeellliiiooon’ dollars. $5,000 seems wholly reasonable, if one were to completely ignore the reason for the lawsuit.

TIL: don’t mess with a Ukranian’s chickens.

In before the “Mila Kunis can have my ROOSTER” jokes.



How horrifying! If somebody wealthy and famous stole my chicken, I might need even more expensive therapy than that. Even if they didn’t steal my chicken. In fact, just meeting a celebrity might be a trigger.

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I’m unable to devote any resources to the investigation of this theft unless and until I’m assured it’s a picture of the actual chicken in question.

Uh, okay: it’s a picture of the actual chicken in question.

Now, go git 'em, tiger!

Celebrities–they’re just like you and me! They brush their teeth, they watch TV, they steal their classmates’ chickens…


Bloody lawyers. You omit one proviso and everyone expects you to do something.

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Best headline since “William Shatner Lent Me His Hairpiece.”

Hermoine just stole all of our shit.

Probably choked the poor thing too.

She’s grown.

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If only there was a video on par with “Charlie bit my finger.”

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$5000 is the largest amount you can sue for in California Small Claims Court. I can’t tell from the article in which court the lawsuit was filed, but you don’t need a lawyer for Small Claims.


ce ne est pas un poulet

I’d like to steal my chic… no wait. I’d like to steal her… no. If I had a chicken stolen th DAMNIT!

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