Military-trained dolphins will not be killing Russians


You’re saying that now the Russians have got combat dolphins in that area, and the US doesn’t!?

Dolphin gap!

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Seems like a niche market, but there it is Dolphin GAP:
Gap | Dolphin Mall


That’s just crazy. Dolphins would look ridiculous in khakis.

A much better option would be Dolphin White House/Black Market. They’d look very nice in some shift dresses.

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I wonder what would dolphins do if they find themselves in a situation to choose between Russia and America. Would they be like, “hey, this is not our fight” or would they choose sides. Because they are probably not the same species of dolphins. Are Black Sea dolphins laughing stock in the dolphin community? I don’t know. Maybe Russians created hybrid specie like Wholphins for this fight. Who knows! There are so many unanswered questions here.

They’re not slacks, but…

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I can’t haz murder dolphins :o(

Well - can we at least get some WWI era dazzle paint up on them?

Thanks Obama!

Just because they’re not trained to murder people doesn’t mean they won’t choose to do so of their own volition.

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Flipper tried to get me to enlist when I was a kid. I think he just wanted to get me naked in the pool with him, the creep.

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