‘Milkshaking’ Crosses The Pond, Matt Gaetz Gets Doused In Pensacola

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Not enough milkshake for assault. Needs to be a supersize. I would literally drench him in milkshake, maybe chocolate. Can you supersize a milkshake?

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Just watch the fascists and “centrists” march in: “Antifa milkshaking is exactly as dangerous and wrong as fascist nazis plowing cars into crowds and shooting people at rallies.”


Oooooh, that’ll be hard to get out, Pensacola really stains.


Fire every goddamn “centrist” into the sun.

Who enabled Mitch “Theiving Turtle” McConnel to literally steal a Supreme Court seat? The Centrist. Who stood idly by as Trump directed stochastic terrorism? The Centrist. When Trump took power, who tried to silence alarms of concern? The Centrist. Who enabled Trump to build massive open-air concentration camps? The Centrist.

The most devious enemy of freedom is not the frothing fascist. It is The Centrist, who gives arms to the fascist. The Centrist, who runs agitprop for the fascist. And it is again The Centrist who looks away while the fascist digs mass graves.


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