Millions of fake, unsanitary cans of Budweiser beer were made in underground China factory


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Wait, you mean Budweiser hasn’t always been fake beer?


I’m not sure anyone could taste the difference.


This would be the perfect dramatic irony beverage for a Budweiser-swilling Real 'Murican to drink while complaining about regulation…


Thank Dog I don’t drink Budwiser in China or anywhere!


Will you drink it in a box?
Will you drink it with a fox?


It certainly is counterfeit, anyway.

Which reminds me, it’s been quite a while since I had a Budweiser Budvar. I should get some one of these days.


Why would I order cheap us-american “beer” (China or elsewhere)?


I do not like those red cans, I do not like them Sam I Am!


Wait, you don’t like USian things?


Small-time operators. I’m amazed that they don’t have an automatic filler as part of their canning machine setup. Of course, a real brewery can filler could bury them in cans in the time that thing spits out a case.


I’m confused. Was this factory underground in the literal or figurative sense? I need to know this.


So far as i can see they made an exact replica of shitty beer.


True that…

I have friends who live in St Louis and they say that the Bud you get there (the main brewery is there) is the best you will ever have because it’s fresh. That doesn’t mean I’ll drink there unless I can have a chaser of Guinness.


Ya’ll do know that they renamed that thar beer “America” right?

I’m surprised they managed to spell it correctly. Morans!


The only actual beer from the USA I’ve ever seen on shelves in France, outside of specialized shops, is Samuel Adams. Haven’t seen it in a while, though.


I think i just threw up in my mouth at the mention of budweiser. Then i saw the video and all i can think of is: At least it’ll taste like something?

Still makes me want to upchuck though, this is pretty disturbing. You’d think if you were in China and were an American and you wanted to order something familiar and safe you’d think Bud would be an ok choice, i guess not. (Though i’d never order one)


Bud on tap is noticeably better, for the same reason. Kegs are generally fresher due to the packaging and distribution processes being far quicker than out of a can or bottle.


Good on Sam Adams i suppose. They’re not my favorite but given the choice i will enjoy a few of their brews.


“If you recently ordered a can of Budweiser beer”

Top of the list of things Kathy needn’t worry over.