Mini golf on Myst Island

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Would be truly perfect if you get to solve puzzles while also playing golf


Man, I really need to play the Myst remake that was released last year. I can’t believe it’s almost been 30 years since I played the original. Such a great game. What a fun concept making it into a mini golf course. Now it has me thinking about what other iconic games this could work with. I think Super Mario 64 would be a fun putt putt destination. It already has the bright greenways working for it! Oh wait, I guess we already have Mario Golf.

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You do get to do that. They have a “fox hunt” for each course. They give you clues to the next key, ~12 per course. Get to the end, and win a new putter skin.

There is also a “missing ball” easter egg hunt, which nets you a new golf ball skin (1 per hole).

Very fun, chill game to play with remote friends/family. I play every Sunday evening /w my extended family. We generally have 4-6 people, but 3 more are picking up an Oculus and joining us soonish. Will need to split into 2 groups at that point.


That would even be fun IRL… mini-golf combined with like escape room puzzles…


They are also making a Labyrinth course!


I would pay $5 extra for non-VR version of this game.



Luckily for you, this exists! The teenage avatars tend to make this a date night spot and ice cream tends to get ground into the carpet making trick shots unlikely. But the graphics & physics are super realistic! It’s called “Putt Putt” or “Mini-Golf”, depending on your location. You can find a spot that sells this game using a very anachronistic object called the “yellow pages”.

Really I didn’t know that the mini-golf in my area was Myst themed or that it had puzzling side quests, wow

DOOM mini-golf coming soon?


You’ll want to steer clear of the Cacodemon hole unless you’ve found the BFP.


I cannot help but think of an old Strong Bad E-mail.

[There was a legitimate update on April 1! It was easy to overlook.]

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