Minimalist leather slim front pocket wallet

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All-ett is the best minimalist slim wallet.

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Please note, it appears this is only for the black version of the wallet. (At least, I tried to put the same-priced coffee-colored one in my cart and it didn’t work, but it did for the black one.)

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Got this one over a year ago. Rfid-blocking definitely works. No id window, but I don’t care about that. Cards stay snug but come out easy enough.

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I want a wallet which stays only 1/8" thick even when I put my dozen or so credit and ID cards in it.


What is the thin spec of that leather wallet? All-ett’s leather wallets are 6mm. This is the thinnest leathers wallet at 4mm: X1 Slimmy Wallet .

When will courses for using it be offered on the Boing Boing Store?


This was my minimalist wallet. Still have it, but it was kinda annoying to use.


Beware of D Fakespot rating

My favorite wallet so far has been the removable insert from an Eddie Bauer wallet I got years ago. One day I just stopped carrying the rest of the wallet and haven’t looked back.


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