Mirage Men: the story behind the UFO story


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Damn the Technocracy and their Order of reason!!!

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Fox Mulder is not convinced.

I read it. Very much looking forward to seeing this!

Enjoyed the book, was very nuanced and objective. Doty’s attempts to bring Mr. Pilkington ‘over’ were creepy. I do find it odd he does not ‘believe’, as it were, in spite of reporting a pretty odd experience.

The book is fantastic as others have stated. By far one of the best on the subject I’ve read, and there have been many. Gets to the heart of the “weirdness” factor of the whole history of UFOs, government involvement, etc. Can’t wait to see the doc, but if you’re interested in the subject, make this the UFO book you read next.

I saw things like bright stars hauling ass in the air over Washington D.C. July 26th (or 16th, I can’t remember), 2002 with many others in the regional area. It was a repeat from almost exactly 50 years previous. They showed up on radar and even NORAD jets were scrambled to intercept the things.

2002 (What I witnessed)

Kooky website but I guess it goes with the territory…


Here’s another wacky site and video, but it actually has TV news coverage of the event in the beginning of it: (but then they go on to pretty wacky other stuff that was probably a meteor)


I watched the things that looked like bright, moving stars “play” with the scrambled jets like toys. After the bright objects had their fun easily outpacing them, they all bolted at once into space at speeds no human craft could even come close to. I even called the police non-emergency to report strange goings-on, but the next day I figured maybe I was seeing things, acid flashback, lack of sleep or something. Later a friend I told about the incident plopped down the Washington Post that reported what many others also saw. I shat bricks.


It’s funny how the Air Force saw this shit on radar and was alarmed enough to scramble jets, but they still say it wasn’t UFO’s or whatever. They just say they don’t know what it was, but whatever it was it wasn’t a UFO. Whatever
1952 (What happened almost 50 years previous to the day)

The 1952 incident is specifically mentioned in the book IIRC. There was a skunk works style team that was messing around with RADAR redirection and spoofing at the time and the author made a point that they were likely related. The book was great, a nice non sensationalist and down to earth exploration of who disinformation begat the modern UFO myth.

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