Miss Cleo dead at 53


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And so passes another true American icon.


The fake Jamaican psychic lady?


Would you call Arnold Schwarzenegger the fake robot from the future?


I just read her Wiki bio a couple of weeks ago for random reasons.

She was a lifelon con artist, but the con she got famous for (Ms. Cleo) wasn’t even her con. She was just the face of some backers who made all the real money.

Kind of a Hundsucker Proxy situation in some regards.


I bet she didn’t see that coming.

[edit: oh. . . she had cancer. I guess she did see it coming. Sorry, that was callous of me.]


someone had to pull the pin on that grenade. I’m glad it wasn’t me.


yeah. oops.


I wouldn’t “call” him, at all.


I was waiting for someone to say it.


I don’t think he ever actually CLAIMED to be a genocidal robot from the future. But then again it’s not like he’d admit that kind of thing if it were true.


Correct. He self identified as a Cybernetic Organism.


Sort of like Trump is living tissue over a mobile pile of shit?


So that’s why she stopped returning my calls.


Why… Why is the space behind her filled with floating Cinnamon Toast Crunch®?


Poor comparison. The Terminator could be a good guy on occasion.


I honestly have no clue; it was just one of the only images that turned up in my query which didn’t have all the advertising for her old hotline on it.


Ah. It seems that’s not actually the Miss Cleo, but an impostor.


Hardly an analogous circumstance. At no point in her infomercials is there a credit crawl stating that “Miss Cleo” is played by Youree Harris. There’s a difference between an actor and a scam artist. She was the latter.


In case nobody had said it yet…

Guess she didn’t see that coming…