Missouri GOP governor accused of blackmailing married lover with nude pics. His colleagues already hate his guts


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This is blowing up in MO.

Greitens admits to the affair (which is not illegal, although some here would call it a sin) but not to the blackmail (which is illegal, of course).

Greitens ran on a campaign of gov’t transparency, but his administration so far has increasingly become opaque. Like Trump, he’s refused to release tax returns or divulge who paid for his inaugural festivities. His daily schedule and travel logs are state secrets.

He makes a big deal about being an ex-SEAL (one campaign ad featured him shooting some big weapon) but is constantly hiding behind his bodyguards.


Hey we made the news agai- oh son of a bitch!


It just never ends, eh neighbor?


Soon to join the bad taxidermy seal collection


There’s the real problem. Those family-values Republicans can forgive the lying and infidelity and blackmail and alleged violence, but having a “hairdresser”? That just sounds effeminate.


Wait, youse guys are from MO? Me too, though I’ve now lived in NY almost as long. @Mister44


Unfortunately, yes. Columbia here. At least I’m not from Kansas


…[he used] a dark-money PAC whose secret donors financed a smear campaign against Senator Rob Schaaf.

Now that’s what I call thinking outside the box! I just knew somebody would find creative new uses for those funds! Can they be used to pay for actual assassination yet?


Need a distraction from tRump, TGOP to the rescue.


I’m from Kansas, but now live in Independence, MO, in the KC Metro area.


The delicious backstabbing and infighting we’ve been seeing in the past few days are what happens when a political party goes out of its way to recruit a host of raging right-wing arseholes as candidates and advisors.


Ever get over to St. Joe?


Oh yeah, I’d forgotten about the MO gov’s staff’s use of a secret texting app that destroys messages after reading, you know, for TRANSPARENCY


Hey, I’m from Kansas! But I’m from Lawrence which is somewhat normal (depending on who you ask).


Nope. Not yet.


I’ve been there a number of times. Weird place, a shadow of its former self. The Detroit of Missouri. The Glore Psychiatric Museum is totally worth a visit, though. You wouldn’t believe how many metal objects a person can swallow.


Pony Express museum is fun. My Son says lots of good foody places too.


My mom is from Hiawatha, KS, but I grew up in Tarkio, MO (far Northwest). I lived in Westport KC for a few years. I basically lived at the Nelson-Atkins Museum.


Holy shit. My best friend grew up in St Joe and I spent a lot of time there. When I was about 10 my dad was offered a promotion with the MO State Highway Patrol and he would have been stationed there. I was absolutely terrified of that idea. Are you in St Joe?