Mitt Romney shoots a LOOK at Josh Hawley

I listened to a bunch of those speeches. Tammy Duckworth’s moved me to tears… I was shouting expletives at that f’ing traitor ‘senator’ Hawley. I could see the looks Mitt was throwing at that little man… like the saying says ‘if looks could kill, he’d be in a basket’ (sometimes ‘if looks could kill, what’s left of that guy would fit in a hand basket’)

Gosh who knew the real problem wasn’t antifa, but the actual fa?!?!
Fascists that is, mob rule, redneck white boy style…


Me too. I loved Duckworth, and Cory Booker (who was a little before her) was absolutely on fire.

Even some of the loathsome people on the other side, like Ben Sasse and Lindsay Graham, gave fair speeches on the day.

However, as despicable as Hawley was, the most terrifying speech I watched was from Matt Gaetz. How did this fucking sociopath make it into government? As far as I can tell his only excuse for existing is to make Louie Gohmert look reasonable.

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