Photo of Sen. Josh Hawley saluting the mob that beat a cop to death

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I will say this every time Josh Hawley comes up in discussion: this is the face of fascism’s future in America. Pay attention, and always remember that any populist rhetoric coming out of his mouth is the right-wing variety.

Same goes for Tom Cotton and Matt Gaetz. These fascists know that 10s of millions of Americans support their agenda and that they won’t vanish after 20 January.


Another Republican star, falling back to earth flat on his fist.


I did some quick googling yesterday and it looks like only right wingers have killed cops during riots. Last summer it was a boogaloo boy who killed one then murdered another when they came to arrest him. No reports of BLM or Antifa killing cops. Seems once again it’s all conservative white guys with guns. I don’t think the cops realize who’s really killing them.


Apparently it’s worth it to them to be able to kill lots of black people.

Friday, January 08, 2021

I Think We Have To Shut Down Yale Law School Until We Can Figure Out What’s Going On

Not even kidding.

The first time can remember being confronted with “CANCELLING BOOK CONTRACTS IS AGAINST THE FIRST AMENDMENT” type nonsense was when Christopher Hitchens was outraged on behalf of holocaust denier David Irving.

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On the plus side, I’m sure the RNC is relieved that they no longer have to buy 200,000 copies of it.


Hey, Josh. I’m not a politician, but even I know that’s not how the 1st amendment works.

You can vomit up shit-drivel speech out of your mouth as much as you want!

You can’t force other people to publish it or listen to it.

Go get a bull-horn and stand on a milk crate on some street-corner somewhere in Missouri. Exercise your first-amendment rights there, and I’ll bet nobody would bother you.


hawley is not going to be able to hide from his role in this insurrection. that picture will always be out there. he will not be able to erase his words. the people who continue to support him, re-elect him, appoint him, nominate him, help push him to higher office are as despicable as he. whether he truly believes this bullshit or is using it as a springboard to raise his profile, he has no place in the legislature. his own political godfather has renounced him. i hope his actions have doomed his ambition forever.


Apologies for the NY Post link, but they seem to have dug up a lot of info on the Capitol Policeman that was murdered. Any needless death is a tragedy, especially at the hands of terrorists, but this really struck me because it seems like he spent almost 20 years calling out right wing warmongering and cynical GOP partisanship before apparently joining the trump cult. Who then proceeded to beat him to death with a fire extinguisher.

His blood is not only on the hands of the terrorists who did this and trump himself, but every member of congress that didn’t stand up to W and helped convince people like this that their beliefs in a government of, by and for the people was a waste of time and needs to be burned to the ground.


Major My Struggle vibes coming through there, Josh. Oy.


Centrist Democrats would rather not discuss this, but Trump did get a non-zero amount of support for calling for an actual end to the Iraq “war”, and to at least some degree doing it. Who knows or cares what his motivations were. I’m generally contemptuous of single issue voters, but I can certainly see an Iraq veteran being a single issue voter on the subject.


Senator Cop Killer may have some difficulty with his voters, donors and any future employers.

But a manly man like him will have no problem living in the wilds and sleeping under a bridge.


Hawley on not being able to publish with S&S: “It’s a direct assault on the First Amendment.”

FFS. Moron. Has someone set up a campaign fund for his next opponent? Hell, I’d donate to his primary opponent at this point.


Obviously we’ll all have to wait for the final report, including autopsy but I think the phrase “beat to death” is a bit heavy handed given; " Officer Sicknick was responding to the riots on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, at the U.S. Capitol and was injured while physically engaging with protesters. He returned to his division office and collapsed". His death is certainly as a result of a skirmish but it not what one thinks of when clicking on the link.

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One report on Politico asserts he was severely beaten with two fire extinguishers.


Seems like a difference that makes no difference. Beaten and died at the scene, versus beaten and died later from injuries sustained from the beating.


The whole right-wing libertarian/patriot/whatever movement—like Alex Jones, that crowd—were against the Bush family and against foreign adventurism and seemed to have a “both sides” attitude about establishment parties until Trump came along


They like most conservatives of this era excel at practicing cognitive dissonance. Probably not smart enough to realize what that pain between their ears represents.


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