Photo of Sen. Josh Hawley saluting the mob that beat a cop to death

is intentionally creating fake but plausible news photos really helpful


No, but I’m from Missouri, so I’m already in the mud.


I’d hold off on that right now. Maybe things really will change, but the only way a right wing nut gets primaried is by somebody even worse in today’s Republican party.


If you’re trying to cheer me up . . .


Well, I did say “maybe things will change”…


It does if he sustained an injury from a fall during the attack or a heart attacker after but if the other reply is correct and he was beaten with extinguishers than yes you are correct. I was going off of the reporting from the link given and was commenting on that.

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Thanks for the further info.

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Sure, I was responding to a poster who was awaiting an autopsy report. I tried to impart that I felt being beaten to death by two fire extinguishers meant not requiring an autopsy to discover a general cause of death. Which internal organs were fatally damaged can wait for another time.


Agreed. All I’m getting at is a lot of people have been taken into a cult that was primed by the actions of people like W, Cheney, Gingrich et al. We didn’t just suddenly arrive at this point because of trump. This is the result of 50+ years of cynical manipulation by the GOP that has rapidly accelerated since about 1995.

Edited to add quote for context.


You’re not going to get me to cry over a dead cop. All the other terrible things, yeah, bad. Praising a crowd who killed someone, yeah, also bad. Just if you think I’d be more outraged that it was a cop who died, no. ACAB. No extra sympathy beyond that which is owed to all people.

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Haha. Sliding out of the war’s DMs over 3.5 years isn’t breaking up the war.

It’s a sick self-own per the NY Post, but for consistency’s sake I can’t say that’s the first word about it as if Sicknick had been running on his fifth lethal chokehold of the day before a mob marked itself as invasive militants.


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