Mom offers food to baby if he can say "mama," hungry dog says it first

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Wonderful, it’s geoblocked.


Tho among you, if their child asked for bread, would give them a stone?

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I had a dog that would say “I love you.” Or rather mimicked the sound when prompted. He also liked to howl with us.

I’m finding this more and more lately with YouTube. I guess i just don’t matter…

This geo-blocking is so anti-internet. It’s maddening!


Perfect video!

And I don’t blame dogs for preferring people food (that is, real food) to the dried kibble cruds they’re usually fed. The human version would pretty much be eating nothing but Cap’n Crunch all the time. Ugh.

Is there an easy way for Boing Boing to check this is advance? It’d be nice if they didn’t share blocked videos.

That would be insane. Now, if it was peanut-butter Captain Crunch then we’re talking a situation I could live with until I bled to death from mouth sores.

I basically did that for about a year…

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This is a trip! Wonderful!

It is trivially easy to get around geoblocking.

Try this link: Mom offers food to baby if he can say “mama,”


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