Mom reports assault on her son to Ft Worth cop, who wrestles her to the ground, then arrests her and her daughter

Egotism doesn’t have any place in running a community.


Obviously you haven’t read the fine print. Sure, the big letters read “to serve and protect*” but the fine print footnote at the bottom says “*white people we like.”


If you’ve never had to physically defend yourself, then I envy your life. Perhaps that’s why you haven’t actually offered a solution.

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While I do not condone what was done, if as you reported, it happened this way (I do reserve the right to a different opinion if you, like usual have left out a great deal of the story) I know the men and women of the Fort Worth Police Department and the vast majority of them are decent, dedicated officers who would never do such a thing.

I will suggest for anyone worried about such a thing happening to them, the best thing to do when there is no emergency situation is to drive to your local precinct and file your report at the front desk. You will be treated with respect and decency and your case will be referred to the officer best suited to handle it. In addition all Police stations are surveyed with many cameras and the Captain of that precinct will not permit anyone in his house being rude, violent or unprofessional in anyway to the citizens. Take advantage of this service and you’ll see it works out great for you.

And how does your philosophy work with the very many Black officers of the Fort Worth Police Department? Or do you suppose they and their Black families also hate Blacks?



I agree, which is a large driver of my own refusal to posture about what a hero I could be.


the people I am addressing have not either. What’s your beef with me?

Your appeal to emotion is pretty weaksauce.


Ironically, this same attitude about the people they police by some cops is what has lead to this problem.


Wouldn’t that go without saying?

I doubt if “heroism” is relevant to this, or indeed anything else. The problem is that if I make statements about people controlling their police on general principle, I get criticized for advocating something perceived as risky while declining to accept those risks personally. While if I take the personal approach and state that this is my reasoning and what I do, I get accused of an inflated sense of self-importance. So it comes off more as a tactic for discouraging some more pro-active areas of discussion.


You seem to be confused about how the cops work. That would result in a riot squad and probably a massacre of civilians.


huh? the people you are addressing? you replied to me, when i suggested community self defense. like the black panther party for self defense, or anarchist patrols in exarchia greece, or even simply copwatch.

then you started in with the same useless, inane “can’t we all just get along” platitudes that have been dismantled time and time again. pacifism is a self-defeating, inherently racist, and ultimately quite violent philosophy. this is stuff that’s obvious to people outside of positions of privilege. ward churchill and peter genderloos have written eloquently on the subject.


right? seriously, what is so hard to understand about that?

In the video, she says he is 7. it is pretty hard to understand why the officer made the remarks he did, which upset the woman. One minor point is that the neighbor who is accused of grabbing the child is the one who called police, but it is not clear why he did so. Also the woman had outstanding traffic warrants, so she might have been arrested in any case. In Texas, failure to appear for traffic offenses results in an arrest warrant, but that can be cancelled by paying the fine. It looks like the third person arrested is the one who made the recording, but she did call him a 'Pig ass bitch" about a hundred times. That qualifies as disorderly conduct in Texas.
But it really does not look like the daughter touched or intended to touch the officer. There is a part of the disorderly conduct law about fighting in public, but it would be hard to argue that the daughter was trying to do anything but calm her mother down.


Do you really believe that?

I didn’t even have to click the link to know the cop was white and the people who were arrested were black.


If you believe the police have no accountability to justice then you have to chose if any justice at all is important to you. If it is then logica dictates the conclusion.

I live in a liberal progressive mecca, the police have had little to no accountability unless they fuck up and mess with someone who owns a shoe company or another cop or the like.

Really, we are a nation that went to war with two other countries over one act of terror while continuing to knowingly do business with the country that funded it all and with one of them not even being involved. And we paid money for it all, lots and lots of money and lives too.

So you look at a community that everyone knows is getting railed and they hardly ever kill anyone that actually oppresses them in a nation where firearms are easily available. I’m fucking amazed there aren’t dead cops littering major cities.

I’ll bet that’s why they love all the heavy hardware so much, fuckers know they have been digging themselves a hole.

LSS: If you aren’t given justice then you have to take it. That’s how America works.



The second time it wouldn’t be a massacre of civilians.

Third time is where society gets interesting.