Mom to 'Patriot Front' son: "Get out of my house!"

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Good for her!
I’ve seen family enable and support some shitty, dangerous, criminal behavior by relatives that was putting other people in danger and in zero cases did things get better by continuing to offer support and a safe place to live.
It must’ve been really hard for her, and it’s too bad he won’t have her influence as much anymore, but it’s not like her influence stopped him from getting to this point in the first place. :woman_shrugging:t2:


I hope she surrendered any guns he legally owns to the police. Or tried, at least. I also hope she keeps herself safe.*

*I should have said I hope she stays safe. It’s not on her if he gets violent


She shows a higher level of tolerance of the jackass than I would have done; at the first display of that sort of behaviour, he’d have come home to find the locks changed and all his shit in a bin bag out front.
And his phone blocked as well.
“Son? What son?”


Gods, I hope this doesn’t backfire on her.


I thought the same, but she did mention in the linked article that the grandkids were a key factor in maintaining contact with him.
Not saying she didn’t have options, but that stuff can get really messy so it’s not as clear cut as it might seem from the outside.


A total of 31 subjects were contacted inside of the van

Cop-speak is so strange

However, Patriot Front “is a neo-Nazi group,” extremism researcher Jon Lewis told The Daily Beast. “They’re not just white nationalists, they are not Western nationalists, they are not patriots. They are neo-Nazis.”

Yeah, anyone doubting that just take a look at the Kekistan flag he’s sporting in the picture. They can hide it behind as many layers of 4chan in-jokes as they like but at the end of the day it is still a thinly disguised and immediately recognisable version of the Third Reich war flag. And we all know what we call ironic Nazis.


Agreed, and on some level, she probably hoped she could get through to him and help him snap out of it.

And when that is obviously not going to work, because he’s basically addicted to this shit now…bye bye.


He’s an adult, FFS. He’s responsible for himself and his actions.

These are grown ass men! They can cook and clean, do the laundry and dress themselves. They can get jobs, and they can rent, purchase, or share places to live - you know, the way most grown ass people do!

It’s infuriating whenever people try fobbing off these manbaby losers onto women.

They are NOT our problem!

Those who think the default is women having to care for those manbabies may have some real problems themselves. I sure AF don’t wanna have anything to do w/people who think that is good and right and proper.


For what it’s worth I think his mom was right to kick him out, I don’t think it’s her job to do squat for him and I’m sure as shit not saying she is the cause of his crap behavior-but I do know that the type of person who ends up in groups like patriot front are all too willing to make anyone and any thing besides themselves and their behavior the reason for doing bad things.
His mother was under no obligation to provide him with food and shelter. He probably feels differently.


I’m simultaneously proud of her and scared for her.


However this is like saying Democrats have to coddle Republicans because otherwise they’ll get good sound bites for Fox News. That’s backwards! They’re going to leverage whatever Democrats say to get what they want. People obsess about how issues are framed, all in fear of how it will be interpreted by the right. However it doesn’t matter what Dems say because Republicans are playing a different game by different rules.

It’s the same with chucklefucks like this guy. It does not matter what anyone around him says or does. He will interpret everything around him as an excuse for whatever hate crime he wants to go do. There is not some magic thing mom or anyone can say that will prevent it.

People do not, in general, react to their environment. They do what they want to do, then rationalize it with whatever is lying around. So again, you saying he’s gonna use mom as an excuse is blaming mom for his behaviour. People are 100% responsible for their own behaviour.

That’s not to say no bad people can ever be helped, but the whole crux of this story is that mom has already tried a million things.


Obviously. Scapegoating is baked into any fascist ideology and worldview. He was already doing that while he was living with his mom.

Why should any of us care how he or any other fascist feels about it? Their motivations are as obvious as they are idiotic. Our job is to silo them off from any political power and keep an eye on their activities so they don’t hurt people.


This just proves the point that fascism is a death cult as these folks were, in their own minds, suffering in obscurity and now they’ve self-selected to be the heroes of their own twisted story. Their last of self awareness of this fact just makes me wonder what is going on.


goat fuckers…


Yes, and…this is the next thing she is trying, hoping to finally get a positive result.


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