Mommy "Pink Headband" Blogger in Custody Under Baker Act,0,667022.story


I know. From what I gather, she’s really been harassed since the post went up.

Man… people suck.

There’s a cache of her blog still up with some…odd entries. I’m not sure if I should link directly to it, but here are some interesting quotations.

Two months after I left that job, the flight I used to work crashed and everyone on board died.
Three months later, the same flight crashed again.
I was meant to be in NYC on 9/11, but I cancelled last minute.
I was less than 60 miles from where Flight 93 went down on 9/11.
I have had 4 failed kidnap attempts on me.
Three of them were in the same month.
I have had one successful kidnap attempt on me.
It ended well.
I was supposed to be on the train involved in the Ufton Nervet train crash in 2004.
I missed it.
I was once offered a job as International Business Development Manager for BMW.
I had absolutely no relevant experience for the job.
I turned it down (though I wish I hadn’t).

I found out I was pregnant after two weeks of hard partying in Vegas.

That was a bit scary.
Let’s just say there was a lot of drinking and smoking on that trip. And rollercoasters.
I secretly lick my kid’s nose while he’s sleeping to clean out his boogers.
I know it is disgusting, but it’s the only way it gets done!
I MAY also occasionally lick inside of his ears to clean the wax…
I believe in astrology when done properly.
I believe in magic

So, maybe she could use some help.

The other mommybloggers were right about this one, in retrospect.

Wow. It appears to be a serious case of Munchausen by Internet.

She did make an important case for equality in gender expectations, but yeah, it is quite disconcerting that it came from such a source, and that it had to be done in such a manner.

I just don’t believe that pink headband story was ever true.

Right. What I meant by “in such a manner”. It makes one wonder how it’s going to affect her son when he’s old enough to understand he was a lure.