Moms for Liberty defends use of Hitler quote

More likely that they have read the text but they actively refuse to understand it. It’s amusing to me how they simultaneously see things in the most superficial and shallow of ways but also seem to struggle to understand optics.


I suspect it is more that they have had the most vile parts spoon fed to them, while actively avoiding the Todd Agnew parts.

… Cause my Jesus bled and died
He spent His time with thieves and the least of these
He loved the poor and accosted the comfortable
So which one do you want to be?
… Cause my Jesus would never be accepted in my church
The blood and dirt on His feet might stain the carpet
But He reaches for the hurting and despises the proud
and I think He’d prefer Beale St. to the stained glass crowd
And I know that He can hear me if I cry it out loud…

Yeah, the actual teachings of Jesus would make their heads explode.


They didn’t even try the ‘I’m sorry if anyone was offended’ non-apology.


Thank goodness for small favors, I guess. That particular one is a pet peeve of mine, and will often make me apoplectic. I’ve gotten into big arguments with people before who think that’s a perfectly fine way to apologize.



Angry Fascists Against Public Schools just isn’t snappy or folksy enough I guess. Mothers Against Drunk Driving really set up a template.


The Parent Brigade…is that part of the Volkssturm?


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