Monster Manual: bestiaries from 16th Century/1977/2014




A lot of game stores have it already, it’s a beautiful book. It also may have been scanned and posted online already as well.


No wonder unicorns and centaurs went extinct - someone was always gelding them.


There is nothing like the experience of opening a random page of a Monster Manual, pointing somewhere with your eyes closed, open your eyes and write an adventure or story about the monster you are pointing at…



I hunger…

Yeah, you’re right!


A Loch Ness monster conspiracy theorist would be someone who believes the monster is an ill-willed or self serving hoax orchestrated by a group of people.


Dungeons & Dragons, now celebrating its 40th anniversary, is about to release its new Monster Manual – the original Monster Manual was a watershed moment in human history, part of a history that includes a 16th century bestiary, the Augsburg Book of Miracles

The real watershed moment was Pliny the Elder’s publishing of Naturalis Historia in the first century CE. This was probably one of the first great bestiary that collected a wide range of creatures and topics, as well as the most influential. Medieval bestiaries were enormously influenced by this work. Probably half the monsters in the Monstrous Compendium have a direct relationship with this work.


The Monster Manual is what made me realize that I actually enjoyed reading the D&D books much more than I enjoyed playing. Maybe that was due to not having a good DM but the reference materials that were produced by TSR really went an order of magnitude beyond what most would ever need. They were (are) great on their own.


As a geek who grew during the Great D&D Moral Panic, I find this sort of religious attention to be quite refreshing.


You gotta step in to the digital age:

Let’s see… I got a Vargouille?

Well, looks like we’re doing a Castlevania campaign.


There’s no beating the owlbear. Look at this lil guy!


it makes more sense when you know that he’s based on a cheap Kaiju toy along with a whole bunch of other 1st edition monsters:


The Loch Ness monster was behind 9-11.


Oh, neat, the rust monster and that landshark-thing are right out in front!


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