Monty Python to reunite


From the Mirror:“A spokesman for the Pythons remained tight-lipped on what form the reunion would take, and whether they would perform live, in a TV special or film. But he said: ‘A press conference is set for Thursday where the Pythons themselves will be unveiling their plans to work together again.’” Fun!


Oh yes - it’s true!!

I love Monty Python! I used to watch his show all the time!


Now they can do the “Dead Parrot” sketch with Graham Chapman filling in for the bird. (Too soon?)


I thought they did exactly that already.

At Chapman’s funeral.


So they did. Too bad Chapman wasn’t up for the “I’m not dead yet!” bit from Holy Grail.


I am afraid.

Not because of the current ongoing zombie apocalypse, though that is always cause for concern, or even that they’ll be completely awful.

The work they have created is, of course, the foundation of all modern civilization. But I fear watching them attempt to bestride this world like the colossi they once were, and those of us who love them applaud politely. And polite applause is the worst way to honour the the guys who could make this joke, and I hardly need to remind you who went shopping for a piston engine. I am afraid they will be just ever so slightly lame.

Got to go, someone at the door talking about the water mains.

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well, i came here for an argument.


No you didn’t!


And it starts again: all the bores of the world endlessly repeating stale comedy sketches to each other. Something about Monty Python encourages this, unfortunately, and this is not a good way to remember them.

Yes it is.

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No it isn’t.

(Yes, it is.)

And I’m sure your unscripted remarks are simply delightful.

I was just debating with my wife whether we should essentially spend $1000 to go to NY and see Stewart and McKellan in Waiting for Godot. Consensus was it wasn’t quite worth it.

For this, I’d drop $1000 in a heartbeat.

You must be from Purleigh.

Eh, fuck it.

Oh. god. I feel sorry for every fellow Brit in America. The endless Python quoting every time someone hears your accent had finally died down.

i’m sorry, this is “arguments” – trolls are down the hall and to the left.

Well, it’s good to know there’s unceasing fodder for a revised and updated Upperclass Twit of the Year sketch.

What I dearly love about Python are Seasons 1-3, the three formal movies and the studio albums. What can I say, I like traffic lights (but only when they’re green) and their rarer stuff, like the How To Deposit A Pie In The Face instructional video or the proto-Python Four Yorkshiremen sketch.

What I don’t really need to see again are the very short Season 4 (minus Cleese and it shows) and the Hollywood Bowl concert (too sentimental).

So then, guys, give us some new stuff! Please?

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