Moose unwittingly plays ding dong ditch with his butt


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We were thinking kids coming through playing ding dong ditch…

Kids do this in December in Alaska? If true, this is heroic, the very Iditarod of asinine pranks!


How do we know the moose did it accidentally?


“Do you have time to talk about our prophet, Mooses, and the message he received after eating the burning bush?”


“Moose caboose” is the best phrase I’ve heard today.







It’s that moment at 0:03 where he looks straight at the camera… moose be thinking “alrighty, I don’t got no photocopier so guess their doorbell camera will have to do, eh!”

ETA: oh my, I got me a cake! No lie!


The moose probably rang the doorbell because he had an upset stomach and was trying to see if the occupants had any Elkaseltzer.




Moose butt!


“I fart in the general direction of your home!”


He just wanted to be famous like his cousin from Northern Exposure.



I think he meant the moose accidentally played a game of ‘knock knock Ginger’… not sure what that whole ding ding Dutch thing even means;)


This is the dumbest plot on Riverdale yet.


It was called knock and nash where I grew up. It was usually followed by a game of hikey dikey, where you tried to jump over as many hedges and walls as you could while being chased by angry residents or cops.



Pro tip: you have perfect deniability when you do this while carrying a stack of the local parish’s newsletter.


In place where you can see Soviet Russia from your house, butt dials you


Knock down Ginger, Is what I know it as (in the UK).