Morbius, the living meme

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“this may not be great for the consumer forced to endure a deluge of movies related to a single franchise”

No one is “forced to endure” movies. What a ridiculous statement. O woe is me, all these movies I’m forced to see…!

Granted, resources spent on these movies may not be spent on potentially better, more “worthy” films. But the consumer has 90 years of Hollywood productions that they can watch instead, not even counting foreign films and streaming services.


I think what Devin is saying here is that consumers are forced to endure a deluge of movies, rather than forced to endure the movies themselves.

The deluge being the lowest common denominator cookie cutter grey movies Sony would love to put out as often as possible, which they are being forced to endure because thoughtful movies with something to say are few and far between in the box offices these days


It’s morbin’ time!


I just want them to do a movie where someone splices bat DNA into themselves…and as a result can’t stop eating mangoes or sipping on juiceboxes.

Bonus points if their taste in music changes to include a lot more high-pitched or ultrasonic tones.

Dude I love the part where Morbious comes up behind the guy and then totally morbs him.

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