More mammals are becoming nocturnal so they can avoid humans


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Count me in on that list.


Can’t say that I blame them.


Yeah, I’m also considering doing this.



Lots of people are like that too…


That’s been my modus operandi for years now.


This is pretty neat. What evolutionary changes will this trigger in humans?



Just a behavioral change: More humans will simply purchase night-vision goggles and go after the new nocturnals.


Was listening to an interesting podcast noting that light pollution also contributes to this. Animals that need a fair degree of ambient light can now get by perfectly well with how much modern cities are lit up, and can hunt etc… So normally diurnal animals like peregrines can hunt pigeons (which are also out more at night nowadays).


“That’s been my modus operandi for years now.”

Same here. No bothers, no worries, while the others sleep.


As a non-christian, I am a huge fan of christmas.

You ever go downtown on Christmas morning?

9AM and you could safely lay down in the street. It’s glorious.

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