More than a dozen California public health officials have quit their job because of threats

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This is California. Imagine how much worse this madness is in the backwards states.


To be fair… If COVID-19 just got into COVIDiots, I would just let them kill themselves. To be fair, I would also love to see the menaced health people exerting their Second Amendment rights to COVIDiots


Threatening a public official isn’t going to make COVID go away, and it sure isn’t going to protect you if you walk around the mall without a mask.


Warning - offensive language.


Yeah, though in other states, I imagine there’s a higher likelihood that the health officials are either going to cave to political pressure and not issue these kinds of guidelines to begin with, or are anti-maskers themselves…


California has way more gun nuts than Wyoming or Kansas. It might be a lower percentage of residents, but in total numbers CA and Texas have the most violent, overly armed, macho men who are so fragile as to feel threatened by the mere existence of people who disagree with them.


True. Up around Redding you have that whole State of Jefferson crowd. They’re relatively small in numbers compared to the rest of the state, but they can do a lot of damage – especially if they go full Y’all Qaeda.


Here in Ohio, our highly competent health director Dr. Amy Acton resigned in June, in part due to visibly armed protesters outside her home, and earlier this month her newly-appointed successor withdrew herself from consideration when she realized what she was in for.


Not to mention huge swaths of the state controlled by the far-right freaks who gave us “Three Strikes” laws and Satanic Panic.


Catch terrorists. Put them in prison. That should be the top priority of the law enforcement.

Too bad for these civil war 2 terrorists, now is a really bad time to be in a Bay Area prison. They’ll find out exactly what it’s like to be exposed to COVID-19.

(my rural Santa Cruz county neighborhood is like 30-50% armed. Mostly old farming hippies, but if some armed weirdos are creeping around and someone gets scared it’s going to be a bad day. I’d rather the cops deal with this than private citizens defending themselves)


“…Thousands of rounds of ammunition, 138 firearms…”

Sounds like a perfectly reasonable 2nd Amendment enthusiast. I mean the only thing that can stop a Bad Guy with thousands of rounds of ammunition and 138 firearms is… gun regulation?


If only we had a branch of law enforcement whose job is to investigate and prosecute people who use threats of violence.


They’d be spending most of their time on the orange cheeto in the WH.


I remember reading The World According To Garp and what a “ridiculous” alternative reality he had created (eg, people cutting out their own tongues as sign of protest). But how much more unbelievable is what’s going on with the anti-mask movement? Not much.

In May, a member of the public read aloud the home address of former Orange County health officer Nichole Quick at a supervisors’ meeting and called for protesters to go to her home. “You have seen firsthand how people have been forced to exercise their First Amendment. Be wise, and do not force the residents of this county into feeling they have no other choice than to exercise their Second Amendment,” said another attendee.

This can’t be legal, can it? Someone needs to slap them in the face and yell in their ear: What the fuck is wrong with you? It’s a fucking facemask. In the middle of a pandemic. Then, have them sit in a corner until they realize what they have done and apologize for it.


I mean, if the punishment fits the crime…

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Most maskholes deny that covid is real. How can we teach people who refuse to learn?

Throw together a healthy dose of misogyny, covid denial and “boogaloo,” mix with Qanaon conspiracy and MAGAt mindset and there you have it, the modern Republican party. And they are in charge. And still playing the victim. May God have mercy on our souls.


Oh, I like that! Y’all Qaeda is going to be my new favourite description of racist asshats! Thank you. :grin:


Not original to me, but it is a good one.