More virtual tourism: Take a tour of beautiful Bran Castle in Romania

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Virtual is the best way to visit this castle. (A) It is not very big, so it only takes about 20 minutes to walk through the whole thing. (B) Plan to wait in line for admi$$ion at least half an hour. © Do not expect social distancing - your visit will be more like a conga line than a casual stroll.

There are some commanding views from the higher parts of Bran castle, but you will not get to the tippy top anyway. There are more interesting castles. Nearby is Rasnov’s castle. It is a walled city with super views of the entire area. Still being rehabbed, we enjoyed it more than the canned tour of Bran.


So was I lied to about iron maidens being myths?? Admittedly, that one is wooden so maybe it doesn’t count?

I’m waiting for the reboot of last 80s adventure text games, using real castles and walkthroughs like this.


If you all like this, this is a place closer to home (at least for many American BB’ers).

Now there are no vampires there (presumably), but its in the middle of Death Valley. If that’s not American gothic, I don’t know what is.

Sad thing is I was just there last year and found out about the castle after I left😥

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This Maiden is no myth :upside_down_face:

Pretty sure those are iron spikes inside. Wood would penetrate too though! I’m guessing they were used most as devices of fear than actually being used, cleanup would be messy.

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