Mother and son attack Black parking permit inspector then call the cops on him

statistically, it’s a given, assuming a long enough time frame. And I’ve learned a lot of adults aren’t too good with time. “A couple months” can mean anything from an actual couple of months to 15+ years depending.


Shout out to Metro PD for not shooting the place up.


You know, the Apartment management was remiss in not sending a notification to tenants letting them know about the inspectors. The (probably) could have averted this incident.

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Why? Do you need to be notified in advance of every little thing that happens?

No, you don’t. It’s called “leave other people alone and go about your business.”

Stop defending this stupid behavior.


Time to get this out again. It’s been a couple of weeks or more, so turn up the volume and enjoy…

Of course there is a world of difference between

– “Excuse me, sir, I am a resident here and this is a secure area and I do not recognise you. Do you have authorisation to be here?”
– “Yes, madam, I am employed by the building’s management to do a parking permit audit. That’s what I’m doing and here’s my ID, just to reassure you”
– “Thank you sir, have a good day”

– YOU SHOULD NOT BE HERE, BLACK PERSON!!! (I’m Karen and I can treat you any way I like and not suffer the cons…)

Oh, dear. I’m so glad.

Civility costs nothing. The opposite can have high costs, as she is finding out.

Did I mention being glad?


Ordinarily, I would post a gif expressing frustrated rage or weary dismay for such a story, but since it seems Karen and Darren are getting evicted because of their shitty behavior today I will go with the classic embodiment of schadenfreude:


Someone inevitably downplaying or defending the indefensible racist aggressions - that train is never late…


Linking to a time stamp after the attack makes the parking guy look bad. You show link to the beginning so people see why he is so upset.


Because of course the man in question doesn’t automatically get ‘the benefit of the doubt’ - that’s only reserved for people with the ‘correct’ complexion and privileges.

Everyone else must go to extreme lengths to “prove” that they are not in the wrong, and even then, it’s often still not enough.



I imagine this is how the Tulsa massacre started.


How do we know they didn’t? A lot of people have become very adept at ignoring such notifications, even when they’re sent by email, text and a piece of paper through the mail slot like my building does.


As Sgt. Ray Kelly discovered when he assaulted Masai Ujiri, the president of the Toronto Raptors, for being black on the fucking basketball court after they won the fucking championship. Kelly then lied about the interaction and the sherriff’s department pretended that the body camera had magically shut off just before the incident (it hadn’t).



Truly, it doesn’t matter where the video starts. You start at the beginning and people are going to say, “well, the Black guy must have done something to provoke them before filming started.” Remember the story of the young blue-haired Asian woman who got verbally assaulted for standing near some white guy’s car, I think it was this summer, and immediately people were like, “Well, she must have done something really offensive to provoke him!”
So you might as well start the video to show the ridiculous dialogue of the mother/son dynamic duo straightaway. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Henry Louis Gates, Jr.


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