Mother, driving, tries to film kids in back seat and nearly crashes


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For a new definition of nearly.


If you ride a motorcycle you’ll find this "post"especially disturbing…

And amazingly very common place!


Probably catch flak for this - but mothers can be incredibly stupid. My ex used to be a good driver until we had kids. then she was constantly looking at the kids in the back seat and talking. And this is not just a “my ex:” thing.

Statistically, half of all mothers have below average intelligence.


It’s aggravating enough when tv shows and movies depict people spending long periods of time looking away from the road - when real people do shit like this, it’s enraging.


I was going to offer some Darwin Award snark…and then realized the kids might have been in on it. Not appropriate…at all. Actually its kind of terrifying. What a shithead.

Come to think of it, it might be nice if movies did the aggravating thing - and then threw in a near miss, to highlight how stupid that driving practice was.

I mean, they could have an actual car crash, but that might force them to alter the plot considerably…

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Unfortunately it’s pretty much standard in film/television programs, since if you’re taking the time to show people driving, it’s a “dramatic” moment, with the actors, unencumbered by actually having to drive, spending all the time looking at each other rather than at the road. Really they just need to cut back on the number of dramatically important driving scenes, and start using the “distracted driver has crash/near crash” as a new cliché “character suffers tragedy/bad day” event. Otherwise the number of plot-distracting crashes/near misses in television/cinema would be downright comical in their frequency.

Every now and then it gets used as a plot point.


I think I’d like to see the work on this one.

I’ve never taken videos of my kids in the back seat or anything, but the chance of something like this happening was a fairly major factor in my choice of a job that doesn’t require a commute by car. I have ADD and I can’t be completely sure that I’d be fully concentrating if something happened very fast. For the record, I’ve been driving for over 10 years without incident, but I don’t want to make it a part of my daily life - I just rent a car for the few times a year that I really need one, then drive it for an appropriate length of time when I know I’m focused. I still almost got into an accident a few weeks ago - a guy ran a red light just in front of me while I was crossing the road with my kids. He stopped his car just after and I passed him on the pavement - he’d obviously been in autopilot and couldn’t believe what he’d just done (there were two police officers who were crossing from the other side and almost got knocked over too, which might have added to the embarrassment and knowledge that he didn’t get away with it). I can live with dying (hur hur) but I don’t want to cause anyone else’s death or injury from my lack of caution.


median! /pedantic
if this were real, she’s pulled down the average of the average parent.

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Parents, your annoying kids and their rehearsed and endless muggings for the camera are not original, cute, nor entertaining. It’s certainly not worth involving yourself with a car accident over. That moment isn’t magical, and can be repeated endlessly.

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No need to be mean


Low speed, nobody gets hurt, nothing to get upset about. Yawn.

(…but, butbutbut… what COULD have happened…)

“You guys are such sissies about russian roulette. I’ve pulled the trigger a bunch of times and nothing bad has ever happened.”


In this case, the round fired but there was no propellant, there was only the primer. The energy released was enough for a bruise but that’s about all.

You can play Russian roulette with fair amount of safety, if you use ammo suitable for that purpose. Similarly, you can do a lot of “wrong” things with a slow-moving car.

Ever heard of Jon-Erik Hexum?

My point is that “stupidly endangering yourself and others is fine as long as you do it smartly” is an absurd, stupidity-reinforcing reaction to this.

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Not about him but I am aware of the power of regular blanks. That’s why I explicitly specified a primer-only round instead of a propellant-but-no-bullet blank; these store too much energy for close-proximity shenanigans.

The example you provided did not do it smartly.